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Yarn Pumpkin


  1. Yarn of your choice. The brand I used is from Hobby Lobby and is the color gold from Yarn Bee.
  2. Scissors
  3. Stick or something for the stem
  4. You can also use a piece of cardboard to wrap your yarn, but I used my hand.

Step 1

Wrap yarn around hand or piece of cardboard. For about a 3 inch pumpkin I wrapped my yarn about 150 times.

Step 2

Feed yarn through center of wrapped yarn

Step 3

Tie a double knot and pull tight the yarn you fed through the wrapped yarn.

Step 4

Wiggle stem (piece of tree branch) into the top of the pumpkin. Apply hot glue if needed.  

Step 5

Shape pumpkin with hands if needed and add extra embellishments if desired.

I grabbed my yarn and started to wrap it around my hand, which is about 3 inches across. I did not want my pumpkin to large, and thought this seemed like a good size. You could also cut a piece of cardboard if you do not want to use your hand or if you want a different size pumpkin.

At first I wrapped my yarn around my hand about 50 times. I thought this seemed like a lot. However, when I went to tight my yarn I realized I needed to wrap it a lot more. These little pumpkins take a lot of yarn to make. A lot more than I expected or realized.

I then wrapped my pumpkin around my hand about 120 times. This made a much fuller pumpkin. I then cut my yarn from my ball of yarn. I also cut a piece of yarn and fed it through the center of the yarn still wrapped around my hand. I then tied a tight double knot. As you tighten your knot your pumpkin shape will start to form.

You can tuck the extra yarn into your pumpkin or use your scissors to cut off the extra on the ends. Then place your pumpkin stem into your pumpkin. You may need to wiggle it a bit to get it into your pumpkin. I used a piece of branch from a tree outside for my stem. You could use a variety of items to make a stem. You could also add extra items to decorate your pumpkin, like a leaf or a flower. I decided to leave my pumpkin simple. You can shape the pumpkin with your hands if needed.

I really like this gold color of yarn I used. It goes well with this blue pumpkin I made over last week. If you are interested in seeing how I made it, then click here to read more. I also made the light up pumpkin in the back of some of the photos below. If you would like to see how I made it, then click here. Having a lot of different types of yarn pumpkins could be fun. I am sure some yarns will be easier to work with than others, and you may need to wrap your yarn more or less depending on what type of yarn you are using and how big and full you would like your pumpkin to be. I am curious how well this pumpkin will stay together, or will it unravel over time after being handled a bit. Have you made a yarn pumpkin like this before? How did it go, and does it seem to last and hold its form, let me know in the comments below?

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