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Beautiful Wooden Layered Necklace


  1. Walnut plywood. I purchased mine from Glowforge. I buy 1/8 thick wood.
  1. Basswood. I have ordered this from Glowforge and some from Menards. The Menards one is cheaper, but needs to be covered so the wood does not get burnt in the laser printer. Also the Menards wood has chunks of glue that can sometimes make it difficult to cut properly through. I buy 1/8 thick wood. Here is the link to a sheet of tape I use to cover my Menards wood. I like it a lot. Vinyl Ease 12″ x 100 ft Roll Paper Transfer Tape for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, Oracal Self Adhesive Vinyl for Decals, Signs, Walls and More – V0821 or V
  1. Jump ring:  I purchased mine from Michael’s, but I also found some from Amazon for a better deal. So, next time I need more I will order them from this Amazon link.
  1. Needle Nosed Pliers. These are the ones I purchased.
  1. Necklace chain. I purchased mine from Micheal’s. I liked that they had three adjustment options. Amazon has some cheaper, but I am not sure about the quality of them.
  1. Stain markers from dollar tree 
dollar tree stain markers
  1. Gorilla glue or wood glue.  I used both and was happy with both results. You may want a toothpick to help control the amount of glue you apply. The wood glue I got from my dad’s workshop. He was not using it and let me have it. Now looking for it for you I realize it is for molding and trim. It has worked well for all of my wood projects thus far so I will continue to use it.
  1. My SVG file of the design. This can be found in my Library tab.

Start by cutting the three designs on your Gloweforge, other brand of laser printer, or Cricut Maker.  I cut the two smaller design patterns on the basswood.  I then cut the larger design out of the walnut plywood.  If you do not have walnut plywood, then you could just stain the basswood with the darker cherry stain marker.  Next, I stained the middle design with oak stain marker.  I liked using the stain markers since the pieces are thin.  I stained both the back and front, but that is up to you.  I always like finishing pieces and covering more than I have to.  The very first piece I created I was too excited to assemble that I forgot to stain the middle piece.  It still looks nice, but I personally like the three different colors better.   

After the stain was dry, I started the assembly and gluing.   I laid the biggest piece down first and had the nicest of the two sides facing up.  Then I placed the middle piece (nicest side facing up) on top of the first piece.  I lined up the top of the pieces, but make sure not to cover the whole at the top of the bottom piece.  Then I put a little bit of glue on a toothpick to control the amount of glue being applied, and carefully lifted the top piece and placed glue only where the two pieces touch.  I then let this dry and repeated this process to attach the top/smallest design.  Once everything was dry, I took my needle nose pliers and fed a jump ring through the hole at the top of the bottom piece.  Then close the jump ring and slide a necklace chain through the jump ring.   I also made a special tag with my logo and attached it.

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