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Wooden Bowl DIY

This bowl may look complicated, but it is actually pretty easy to put together.  I made my bowl about 5 inches in diameter at the top.  You can resize my file to make the bowl any size you want. This bowl is very nice on its own, but I also have another project in mind for this bowl, which will showcase it a bit more.  So, keep an eye out for that future project. It will be quite the balancing act.


  1. Download design from my free library.   
  1. Wood glue  
  1. Wood.  I used walnut plywood from Glowforge.   

You will start by cutting this design in your laser printer.  This design has many small turns that I do not think it will cut well in a Cricut Maker.  The pieces are aligned so this piece will have very minimal wasted wood. 

wooden bowl

Once your pieces are cut out it is time to glue it all together.  I started with the base and worked my way up.  I placed a small dot of wood glue to each of the points on the base.  Then, I carefully laid the second smallest piece on top, making sure to align the tips of the base, where the glue is, with inward tips of the second smallest piece.  You may want to squirt some glue onto a surface and then dip a toothpick into the glue to apply it to your wood piece.  The toothpick helps control how much glue is applied.  You only need a very small amount otherwise it will seep out and show.  Before moving onto the next level of the bowl I applied a small amount of pressure with my hand to make sure the glue and wood had a good bound. 

For the next level apply a small amount of glue to the outwards points, then carefully align the next piece’s inward points on top of the pieces with glue.  Apply a small amount of pressure with your hand and move on to the next layer.  You can wait a few minutes in between layers to allow the glue some time to dry.  Continue doing this until all the pieces are glued in place.  I would wait a few hours before handling this bowl too much to ensure the glue is dry.  

 See that was not too bad.   Note: in some of my photos I placed my logo face up show it was showing. When I actually glued everything down I placed the logo face down so it is only seen when the bowl is picked up. Do not forget to keep an eye out for an upcoming project I will be using this bowl in. It will be quite the balancing act. This project will take a bit of time to work out my design, so it may take a little bit before I get it finished.  You can sign up for my newsletter so you do not miss when I upload it.

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