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Wood Pumpkin Décor with Autumn Napkins And Dollar Tree Wall Tile


  1. Wood pumpkin stand. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby, but you could use different ones.
  2. Festive napkins. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby.
  3. Mod Podge. I used the glossy finish, but there are several different types you can use.
  4. Silicone brush to apply the mod podge.
  5. Wall tile from Dollar Tree. There are a few different styles to choose from.
  6. Paint or stain. I used acrylic paint and watered it down to make it look like a stain.
  7. Paint brush.
  8. Scissors.
  9. Exact knife.
  10. Sandpaper or sanding block.
  11. Hot glue gun and glue.
  12. Ribbon.
  13. Extras. I used faux leaves and a sunflower. I bought both from Dollar Tree. Add extras you like.


  1. Sand down any rough areas of your wood.
  2. Apply paint or stain to your desired areas of your pumpkins.
    • I watered down my brown acrylic paint and applied it to my stem and base of my wood pumpkin stand. I decided to leave the rest of my wood unpainted, but feel free to paint as much or little as you like.
  3. Pull extra backing layer off the napkin. You will not need this.

4. Lay napkins over desired areas and use your fingernail to outline the shape onto your napkin. You could also use a pencil. Then trim napkin down to the outline size.

  • You could cut the napkin down to the exact size. I prefer to make my cut slightly bigger than needed and trim it down in step 6. This way I ensure my shape is correct and my edges are smooth and clean.

5. Apply mod podge directly to your wood area and lay napkin on top. Carefully smooth out napkin.

6. Use a piece of sandpaper or sanding block, and in a downward motion, sand the edges of your piece. This will remove any extra napkin pieces hanging over the edge of your wood. You can also use an exacto knife if you prefer to trim the extra off that way.

  • I found it worked best if you let the mod podge dry completely before trimming or sanding down your edges.

7. Carefully apply a layer of mod podge directly on top of your napkin to help protect it.

8. Continue these steps to all areas you would like to add your festive napkins.

9. Place a thin piece of scrap paper over your section of wood you would like to apply the Dollar Tree wall sticker. Use a pencil or your fingernail to trace out the shape.

10. Cut out the shape from above. Since the Dollar Tree wall tile is a lot thicker than the napkin, try to cut this out as accurately as possible. Do not give the extra buffer space like we did with the napkin.

11. Now tape this cutout to the Dollar Tree wall tile and use scissors to cut out the shape.

  • Place the cutout wall tile on your wood piece to see any areas you might need to trim up.
  • If you wish to apply any paint to your wall tile, then do so now.

12. Apply mod podge or hot glue to the back of your wall tile and apply it onto your wood.

13. Once all of your wall tile and napkin pieces are in place you can add your extra pieces and ribbon to your piece.

  • I used hot glue to add all of my extra pieces.
  • I also used hot glue to hold my ribbon in certain positions to give it more character.

These techniques could be used on many different pieces and for many different holiday décor pieces. I always love the results of pieces like this. It is amazing how different the pieces can look depending on the patterns and colors you choose. I almost dry brushed some dark brown around the edges to give my piece a more rustic look.

I did a similar piece with cardstock on a Dollar Tree pumpkin. Make sure you see how I made that one and how it turned out. It is one of my favorite fall projects I have made to date.

I also used fire to clean up my tissue paper edges in this Easter egg banner piece.  The napkin should work similarly to the tissue paper, if you would like to see this quick and easy way to clean up your edges.

Easter egg banner

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