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Will It Etch?!


  1. Armour Etch 
  2. Glass that can be etched onto
    1. Glass vase for flowers 
    2. Large glass container with metal lid 
    3. Small glass container with metal lid 
  3. Paint brushes (not sponge brushes). I like these silicone brushes
  4. Gloves to protect your hands 
  5. Stencil or permanent vinyl. I used stencil flexible film. 
  6. Markers if you want to color your etched areas. These are the markers I used, but other markers will also work. Rub n buff also works well.
    1. Markers from Dollar Tree
    2. Rub n Buff
  7. Water. The temperature does not make a difference. Do not use a porcelain sink. 
  8. Transfer tape. I do not recommend the strong grip transfer tape. 
  9. Dishwasher Mod Podge, if you want to be able to wash your glass after you colored it. This is not needed if you do not color your etching or do not plan on washing it. 
  10. Masking tape 
  11. Slate options


  1. Clean glass and dry it with a lint free cloth.
  2. Wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area
  3. Use transfer tape to apply stencil to glass. Make sure there are no
    bubble around the stencil design where the etching cream can seep
  4. Apply masking tape to any exposed areas of glass you do not want
    to be etched.
  5. Use a paint brush or silicon brush (not sponge brush) to apply
    Armour Etch to glass. Only apply the Armour Etch to the areas of your
    design that you want to be etched. Apply more Armour Etch than
    needed to ensure area is completely covered and leave it on glass for
    about 5 min. It is okay if you leave it on longer.
  6. Remove extra Armour Etch cream from glass and put it back in your
    bottle to be used again.
  7. Rinse glass under running water. Rub gloved hand over Etched
    areas to insure extra Etching cream is removed. The temperature of the
    water does not matter. Do not use a porcelain sink, or the Armour Etch
    will remove the shiny layer from your sink.
  8. Remove stencil and run under water to remove any left over Armour Etch. Used gloved hand to help remove extra Armour Etch.
MaterialDoes it Etch?
Metal No, but did have a reaction
Slate (leave for at least 10 min) Yes
Glazed ClayYes
Confetti No
Colored GlassYes
Frosted GlassYes
Coffee CupYes
Glass TileYes
Watch my YouTube Video to see more examples and details of items that etched and did not etch.

Everything that Etched

This was a lot of fun to try a wide variety of different materials. I was the most surprised about the etched area showing up on the clay. It did not quite etch it, but it is permanent there. So, I would say it works! I also found it interesting that most of the metals I tried, the etching cream left almost a burn look to it. I am curious what would happen if the etching cream was left on the metal longer. Would I have a burnt looking heart on my metal? If this is something you would like to find out, then let me know and I will try it. Also is there a material I did not try that you would like to see me try? Maybe other types of metals? If so let me know. What material were you surprised it etched or did not etch?

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