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White Pumpkin With Blue Roses


  1.  Pretty paper of your choice.  I recommend using something thinner than cardstock.  If you choose a tissue paper type paper, then be very careful with it taring.  For my pumpkin I did a google search for blue roses and then printed the pattern I liked on an inkjet printer paper.   
  1. Mod podge  
  1. Paint brush for acrylic paint and brush for mod podge.   
  1. Acrylic or chalk paint to paint your pumpkin, unless your pumpkin is already in your desired color. 
  1. A pumpkin.  I purchased a small pumpkin from dollar tree, because I wanted to practice on something cheap first.  Once you decorate your pumpkin no one will know it came from dollar tree.   

I started out by removing my stem.  I saved my stem and reattacked it once my pumpkin was finished, but you could also make a new stem if you desire.  Next, I painted my entire pumpkin white.  This may take more than one coat.  While I waited for the paint to dry, I started cutting out my blue roses.  I just used scissors and cut them as close as I cared too.  I was hoping the edges of the white paper would blend in with my now white pumpkin.  (The edges of the paper did not blend nicely into my pumpkin, and you can clearly see I just stuck paper onto my pumpkin.) 

I then applied a layer of mod podge onto my pumpkin.  I would recommend applying the mod podge in sections, not the entire pumpkin at once.  If you try to coat the entire pumpkin at all at once it will become a mess and some of the mod podge will start to dry before you apply your paper.  So, just work piece by piece and go slowly.  Once your mod podge layer is down, carefully and slowly place your paper pattern on top of the mod podge.  Be sure to try and get as many wrinkles out as possible at this time.  I thought some of the wrinkles would blend in and possibly smooth out when I applied the second layer of mod podge, but they did not.  Also make sure all of your edges are laying down flat and smoothly.  Continue to do this until you have places all of your decretive paper. 

Once your pieces are to your liking, apply a second coat of mod podge over your entire pumpkin.  This will help seal everything in place.  Be careful not to apply to much mod podge or your paper may tear or the colors may bleed.  I applied to much mod podge and my blue roses bled into my pumpkin and the flowers became blurry.  I then tried to make a light blue color with my acrylic paints to match the now spots of light blue on sections of my pumpkin.  I then used my light blue to repaint my pumpkin around all the paper flowers I placed.  I also tried to blend the edges of the paper into the pumpkin more with the paint.  It just did not end well.  Finally, I added my stem back onto my pumpkin.  I applied the stem by just pushing it back into the foam of the pumpkin.   

Not every project turns out exactly how you imagine.  Sometimes they turn out even better than you imagine, like my flower pumpkin I shared a few weeks ago.  Other times they are a bit disappointing, but you have to learn from your mistakes and keep going.  This pumpkin did not turn out as cute as I imagined.  There are a few things I would maybe try to do differently if I try to make this pumpkin again. First, I would try to go slower and hope I could get less wrinkles in my paper. Next, I might cover the entire pumpkin with the paper instead of just cutting out sections.  I actually made this piece last year before I had a Cricut maker.  So, doing a print and cut on a Cricut machine would also help blend my blue roses in more.  I would also consider purchasing some pretty paper instead of printing off my paper with an inkjet printer.  When I applied the mod podge my ink on my paper bled, which made my roses blurry and colored my pumpkin.  Now the question is, can I salvage this pumpkin or should I just buy a new pumpkin and start fresh.  I currently need a new printer.  So, I will have to wait till next year to try this pumpkin again and see if round 2 turns out better.  If you have tried this type of project before and have some hints and tips for me, I would love to hear them.   

white pumpkin with blue roses

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