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Valentine’s Day Love Card

This Valentine’s Day card I found in Cricut Design Space, however I decided to make some modifications to it. In Design Space it is called Love Card.  I decided I wanted glitter paper to show through the cutout pieces.  So, I did some work on my computer and made the shape of the card to fit behind the cutout piece.   

love card

Since this is a piece for purchase in Design Space, I cannot give you the design, but I will have the extra piece I made available in my Free library.  Feel free to use this to make your own card or something completely different. Click here to go to my Free Library.   

To make this card you will need to find the design in Design Space.  It is called Love Card.  It also comes with an envelope if you wish to make that as well.  Now make this piece according to the instructions.  I used normal cardstock that is double sided.  So, the front of my card is a darker color, and it is a lighter color on the inside.  If you use normal cardstock as well, then you can use the blue or green mat with the fine point blade.  You may also want a scoring tool, but it is not necessary.  You can always fold the card by hand or with other tools.   

Now, download my free extra piece and cut it out on a different color cardstock or a glitter cardstock like I did.  Once it is cut out apply some Elmer’s glue to the back of the card with the cutout sections.  Then stick the glitter cardstock to this piece, glitter side down so it will show through the cutouts.  If you apply the glue to the glitter cardstock, then you will see glue through the cutouts.  By applying the glue to the back out the cutout piece, you know where to avoid putting the glue so it does not show.   

love card
I put my Elmer’s glue in this bottle to help control the amount of glue that comes out. Here is the link to them. Bantoye 10 Pcs Needle Tip Glue Bottle Applicator DIY Quilling Tool Precision Tip Glue Plastic Liquid Dropper Bottles (30 ml)

Allow the glue to dry for a few hours.  You may want to put a book or heavy item on top to help hold everything down as the glue dries.  Once it is dry, you can fold your card and it is finished.   

I like adding the glitter cardstock to this card because it dresses it up more.  I was not a fan of just being able to see through the card.  Also, if you can see through the card, then you can see pieces of what you write on the inside of the card.  I think adding the glitter cardstock just made it look more finished.  I did not make the envelope with this card, so I cannot provide my experiences with this.  I wrote my note just inside the card around the letters, but you could also write a little note and just place it inside the card as well.   

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  1. Terry

    I cannot find the file for the extra piece for the Love card in your Library. Can you help?

    1. Katie

      Thank you for your interest in my design. It should be the second image in the library. There is a download symbol that you click on and it should instantly download the design onto your device. This symbol appears when you move your mouse over the image. If you are still having trouble, then please send me an email with the email address your would like me to send the file too. You can email me at

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