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Valentine’s Day Card With Alcohol Inks


  1. Alcohol ink 
  2. Optional: Blending solution
  3. Paper made for alcohol inks 
  4. Gloves 
  5. Cardboard box to protect your work surface 
  6. Cardstock 
  7. Double sided tape or foam tape
  8. Cricut machine, any Cricut machine or other similar machine will work
  9. Light grip cutting mat (blue) 
  10. Fine point blade (the one that comes with your machine) 
  11. Scoring wheel (Maker machines only) or scoring stylus
  12. Cricut pens 
  13. My design, which can be found for free in my library 


  1. Size the entire design together. I made my card 8.5 by 5.5 inches. 
  2. Ungroup project so you can work with the different pieces. 
  3. Change the straight line running through the middle of the card to a score line in the operations drop down menu. 
  4. Then attach the score line to the card base (largest rectangle). 
  5. Change the sentiment and dotted lines around the card from a cut to a draw under the pen functions in the operations drop down menu. 
  6. Attach the sentiment and the dotted lines to the smaller rectangle. 
  7. Attach the heart beat design to the heart. 
  8. Change the color of different pieces if you would like. 
  9. Follow the instructions on your machine to cut out all the different pieces. Use the intricate cut setting to cut out the heart piece. 

10. Wear gloves as you add alcohol ink to your heart pieces and allow it to dry completely before touching it. It might be easier to apply the alcohol ink to your cardstock before you cut it out. I used my finger to dab the alcohol ink in various areas, but you could use other techniques. 

11. Use double sided tape to attach the smaller rectangle to your card base. 

12. Use double sided tape to attach your heart pieces to the front of your card. Make sure to line up the pieces carefully. 

I am still learning alcohol inks, but it is fun to play around with them. I really like the different colors and looks you can get from the alcohol inks. You could make several cards from the various cut out from this card and if you apply the alcohol inks before you cut your alcohol ink paper. Have you worked with alcohol inks yet? If not this would be a fun place to start.

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  1. Fran Walton

    It was me, I had not read enough. I have the file and hope to get at least one of the cards done this week end.
    Thanks for the file.

    1. Katie

      Thank you for reaching out. I am glad you found the file. Happy crafting.

  2. Fran Walton

    I watched the video and would like to make the card but I don’t see anywhere to download the file.
    Am I missing something?

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