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Two Canvases One Picture

 My boyfriend and I decided to do a relaxing and easy basic acrylic painting.  We both like to paint, and it was nice to just do a simple piece.  I have always liked a painting my dad had of a city street stretched along three canvases.  So, today we decided to try to combine our paintings in a similar way.  We both love nature, so we went that route.   

To start my boyfriend sketched a tree going between both canvases with a pencil.  To do this we put both canvases up next to each other.  This was the only piece we sketched out.  We then just started painting and agreed on colors and things as we went.  I decided to add two birds to my side and the sunset to his.  As we worked on the pieces, we would occasionally need to put the canvases together to ensure our line would match up, particularly for the water.   

This piece was very relaxing and fun to paint.  The two pieces match well together and they each have their own character to them.  We may do something similar to this again in the future.  It could even be fun to mix out medians.  Since my boyfriend likes oil paints and I like thick acrylic paints, it could be interesting to do a connecting painting like this, but with both canvases in our preferred median.  My boyfriend wants to paint a canvas about the size of me.  So, it might be awhile before we try this mixed median idea.   

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