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Transform A Dollar Tree Trash Can Into A Tea Cup Planter


  1. Trash can from Dollar Tree.
  2. Thick wire or something to make the handle.
  3. Hot glue and glue gun.
  4. Optional: spray paint.
  5. Optional: planter.
  6. Optional: real or fake flowers.


1.Slowly bend the bottom of your trash can inward to make the plate at the bottom. Keep working with it till you are happy with the shape.

2. Slowly push out the sides of your trash can to make it more curved/not as straight. You can also bend the top of the trash can out if you would like.

3. Create your tea cup handle and add it to your trash can with hot glue or other methods. I used thick wire to create my handle. I made a fun twirl at the bottom, then created almost an S shape.

4. You could be finished here, or you can add extra touches to make it your own. Here are a few extra options you could do.

  • Spray paint the entire tea cup so it is all the same color.
  • Hand paint or possibly mod podge a napkin onto the tea cup.
  • Add flowers or ribbon around your tea cup.
  • Place a charger plate at the bottom of your tea cup to make the plate/saucer larger. You could also make this the same color as your tea cup by spray painting it.
  • Place a planter with real flowers inside your tea cup.
  • Place fake flowers inside your tea cup.

This is a cute, simple, and budget friendly craft. It would be cute with real or fake flowers. You could use it inside or outside. If you use it outside, then I recommend it be covered. I do not think it will hold up well againts the elements. You could also use it to store things like k-cups. I have seen people using the Aldi tea cup planters and doing photo shoots with kittens inside them. My cats are way to big to fit inside my tea cup, but they could have when they were younger.

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