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Transferring Images To Stone

I had seen different things about transferring pictures to rocks, wood, and other surfaces.  So, I decided to give it a try.  As you can see it did not turn out that great…   but I learned a few things for next time, if there will be a next time.  Maybe one day I will try this on a piece of wood to see if it works better.


  1. Rock or another item you want to transfer a picture onto
  2. A printed copy of a photo via an ink jet printer. Note if you use any words, then they will need to be mirrored so they show up correctly when transferred.
  3. Mod podge Mod Podge CS11201 Waterbase Sealer, Glue & Decoupage Finish, 8 oz, Gloss, 8 Fl Oz
  4. Paint brush or sponge brush to be used with mod podge (glue like substance, so brush may get ruined) These can also be found at dollar tree. ROYAL BRUSH RFOMW-3P Foam Brush, 3-Pack
  5. Water
  6. Sponge to rub off paper. You could use a clean and dry sponge brush.

The smoother your surface the better the transfer will be.  I also recommend a lighter color surface so the picture shows up better.   

The first step is to make sure your surface is clean.  Then apply a nice coat of mod podge to your surface (the rock).  I used a gloss mod podge because I wanted a shine and that is what I had on hand

Mod Podge Gloss lustre lustre

Next place your images and/or words face down, so that the colored side is directly touching the wet mod podge.  I did my words and picture in two separate prints.  I placed the words first, then I made the mistake of moving them to reposition them.  This created the double affect seen on my rock.  So, make sure you place them correctly the first time, and once it is placed do not move it.  Then smooth the pictures and/or words down with your fingers.  Let the mod podge dry.   

Transferring Images To Stone or rock

Once everything is dry, take a wet sponge and rub the paper layer of your pictures and/or words off.  Be careful not to rub to hard or you will remove the image as well, as seen on the center of my flower. I also rubbed the paper off with my fingers as well.   Once finished you can apply another layer of mod podge for protection if desired.   

Transferring Images To Stone or rock

The words seemed to transfer better than the image.  I think the words would have turned out okay if I did not reposition them once they were already placed.  The image was very cloudy, but if I continued to rub it, the image would come off completely.  Let me know if you have better luck with this if you try it.   

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