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Testing Out Fabric Spray Paint

I recently saw this spray paint that is made for fabric.  So, I decided to try it out and see how it worked.  I had gotten a free tote bag few years ago, but I never use it.  So, I decided why not try this new fabric spray paint on it to try and make it look cuter.  For my design I decided to make a paint splatter with the fabric paint, then put a flower vinyl design on top of it.   

I did not want a random paint splatter, because I knew I would get the spray paint all over the bag, and it would not look like much of anything.  So, I used my Cricut Maker to cut parchment paper in my desired paint splatter pattern.  I measured the area of the bag I wanted covered with the spray paint, and made my paint splatter design accordingly.  There is actually a parchment paper setting, which I used.  You could hand cut out your paint splatter template if you wished.   

I used painters’ tape to help hold down my parchment paper to my bag.  I then took my bag outside, so I was in a well vented area when using the spray paint.  I also used a mask as well.  I forgot to cover the edges of my bag where the parchment paper did not cover around the edges.  I did remember to place paper inside the bag to prevent bleeding onto the back of the bag.   

The spray paint said to spray a thin layer, then allow to dry for a few minutes before applying another layer.  It was cold outside when I was doing this, so I did not wait between layers.  I just applied spray paint until the black design on the bag was no longer visible.  I then allowed it to dry outside for a few hours.   

Once the spray paint was dry, I removed the parchment paper.  I noticed when the spray paint was dry there was a silver glitter in the spray paint.  This silver glitter is more noticeable in areas where I applied a thicker layer of the spray paint.  The spray paint did make the fabric stiffer.   

fabric spray paint

The next day I used my Cricut Maker to cut this beautiful flower design I found on design space out of black HTV.  I used my small iron to apply the HTV design to my bag.  The spray paint did not seem affected by the heat of the iron.   

I was not happy with the random spray paint where I forgot to cover the edges of the bag.  So, I finally decided to scrap my paint splatter design, and to just cover the one side of the bag entirely in the red fabric spray paint. I decided to just cover the one side of the bag with the spray paint.  I used painters’ tape to outline and cover my flower HTV design.  I then used a plastic bag with a heavy item in it (so it did not blow away) to cover the rest of my flower design.  I then carefully spray painted the rest of the front of the bag with the fabric spray paint.  

This bag was a nice test of this product.  The bag is not perfect, and I am not sure how much I will use it, but I did not use it much beforehand.  It was fun to try something new to me.  Have you ever used or even heard of a fabric spray paint?   

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