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Testing Dollar Tree Leather With Cricut HTV


  1. ceramic bird form Dollar Tree or other piece you would like to add some leather too.
  2. HTV/iron on vinyl
  3. leather. Make sure it is not to thick. I showed how Dollar Tree leather works.
  4. Cricut machine to cut out leather and vinyl
  5. purple strong grip mat or leather and green standard mat for vinyl
  6. weeding tool
  7. scissors
  8. heat source. I used my Cricut mini press
  9. heat/pressing pad
  10. My design can be found for free in my library.


1.Make sure to measure your design and size it accordingly.

2. Hide or delete the extra pieces you do not want.

3. Cut out all of your pieces. Make sure to mirror all pieces. Cut the vinyl according to the instructions for the vinyl you are using. If you are using the leather from Dollar Tree place it on the purple strong grip mat with the back side facing up. I like to use the paper thin leather setting.

4. Weed out the unwanted areas of your HTV.

5. Place your pieces on a pressing mat or towel to protect your work surface. Place the greenery piece on your leather. I like to add a teflon sheet over my pieces for extra protection. If you are using the mini press, then set it to the low setting and apply firm presser for 30 seconds and continuously move your mini press around your piece.

6. Once your piece is cool to the touch carefully remove the carrier sheet over your HTV. If it did not stick an an area you can place the carrier sheet back over the HTV and apply more heat to it.

7. Place the flower directly on your greenery HTV and apply your heat again like in the previous step.

8. Use hot glue to attach the wings to your ceramic bird and remove any extra hot glue strings.

I love birds, greenery, and flowers. So, I am really happy with how this piece turned out. It is simple, but this just added a nice touch of color and different textures to the piece. I could have probably applied my heat for less time, but I followed Cricut’s heat guide recommendation. Have you worked with Dollar Tree’s leather yet? Have you tried adding HTV to any type of Leather yet? These techniques and instructions can be applied to leather jewelry or many other projects as well.

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