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Succulent Wall Art

This was a pretty simple and quick project, but I absolutely love how it turned out! While I was wondering around hobby lobby one day, I saw this white succulent wall décor.  I loved how it was three dimensional. It came in a few different sizes, and since I did not know where I was going to put it, I just went with the smallest size.   Here is the link to is if you are interested—Small/p/80764425 

Hobby lobby wall art succulent/cactus

However, something just did not have me saying I love it quite yet.  I was not sold on the color, so I decided to paint it.  I used a combination of these two colors.  The ocean green seemed a little too light for the color I wanted, so I mixed just a little bit of the blue to darken it a little.  These were also just colors I had on hand.  It painted very nicely and only one layer of paint was needed.   

acrylic paint

After painting the entire thing with my mixture color, it still was not quite right.  It needed something else.  So, I decided to attempt the gold lines it had originally.  I am a real sucker for gold or rose gold, metal, and flowers.  I used a small paint brush and free handed the lines.  It actually was not too difficult, and turned out pretty good.  It was exactly what it needed to make it look finished.  I am so glad I decided to paint it.  Give it a try and share what colors you decide to go with.  It would also be very pretty if you get several different sizes of these and paint them like real succulents.  Who else likes little touches of gold or sparkle to things?   

succulent wall art from hobby lobby

Here is how it looks hanging on my wall.  This is also a picture of my cat, Chloe, playing under the covers.  My boyfriend hand drew this photo on a larger scale (light blue picture frame).   

display of succulent wall art

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