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Spring Is In The Air Sign

I purchased this unfinished piece from Joann Fabrics last year when their spring collection was very discounted.  I was going to make something similar to it with my Glowforge, but it only cost about $2 to buy it from Joann Fabrics.   

I started out by staining the round portion in a dark walnut stain.  I then decided to paint one bird yellow, and the other one blue.  I then took a step back and looked at the piece.  It still seemed plain and unfinished.   

I then decided to add some scrap cardstock behind the different cutouts in the round piece.  I played around with the different scrap colors I had and cut them down to fit behind the cutouts.  I applied a little Elmer’s glue to the edges of the cardstock pieces to adhere them to the wood.   

I think this pop of color with the cardstock was exactly what the piece needed.  I really like how it turned out, and it was a nice relaxing piece to make.   

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