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Spring Bike With Flowers – Dollar Tree


  1. Bike frame from Dollar Tree. I used the bike attached to the welcome sign. There is also a bike on a stick, which might be slightly better, so you have less pieces to snip off.
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Spray paint and/or paint
  4. Box. I use a wooden box I got from Dollar Tree.
  5. Flowers. I used a sola wood flower arrangement I already had.
  6. Hot glue or other type of glue
  7. Wheels. I used my wagon wheel, which I also used on my train. The file can be found in my Library. I cut mine out of wood, but you could cut yours out of any material you would like. I cut mine to be 2.5 inches. You could also use a toy from Dollar Tree that has wheels if you do not want to make your own.


  1. Use your wire cutters or other tools to snip off all unwanted parts of your bike.

2. Bend the back wheel of the bike up and sideways. This will create a flat surface to rest your box on. You may need to clip the piece between the two wheels to help the back wheel twist up.

  • My back wheel snapped off, but I was able to still make everything work with a little hot glue.

3. Spray paint or paint your bike, wheels, and wood box as you see fit. Set them aside to dry.

  • I used a chalk paint to paint my box, then used a paper towel to wipe off any extra paint to make it look like it had been stained.

4. Apply hot glue to the back bike wheel that was turned upward, then place the wood box on top.

  • Since my back wheel snapped off, I added a small dowl rod with hot glue to help hold things together. I then applied some black paint to cover up the hot glue after it dried.

5. Attach the wheels to the wood box. I did not mind if my wheels moved or not, so I just glued them directly to my box.

6. Add flowers to the box. You could also attach a small basket with flowers to the front of the bike as well.

I used a flower arrangement I already had, that fit perfectly in my wood box. I did add a little more greenery to it. The flowers I used were Sola Wood Flowers, that I dipped and painted by hand. You could also just add a small bushel of artificial flowers. You can also change the flowers out depending on the season. This was a simple project, but took a little bit of time waiting for things to dry.

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