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Hand Painted Snowman


  1. Slice of wood for hat  
  1. A thick piece of wood for the snowman’s head.   
  1. Acrylic paint and paint brushes 
  1. Glue.  I used a combination of Gorilla glue and hot glue 
  1. Tin can or wood for top portion of hat  
  1. You may also want these tools or similar ones to help make the eyes and other parts of the face.   

I started out by spray painting my slice of wood and empty soup can black.  These will make up the snowman’s top hat.  You could also use another piece of wood instead of the tin can.  I did not have another piece of wood, and we just ate some soup, which gave me the idea to use the can for the snowman’s hat.  These may need a few coats of spray paint, but allow each layer to dry before adding another layer.  

While my hat was drying, I worked on the snowman’s face.  This is when I used the thicker tree bark.  The piece I used was actually a piece from my parents Christmas tree.  They cut down a real tree every year.  Their tree was a little too tall this year.  So, my dad had to cut some off the bottom of the tree trunk.  This chunk he cut off is what I used to make my snowman.   

hand painted snowman

I started off by painting one side of the wood white.  Once this was dry, I painted on the snowman’s face.  I used a little tool mentioned in the supplies list to help make the eyes and other pieces of the snowman’s face.  I also painted a little pink on the snowman’s cheeks.  I think the pink really added a lot to the snowman’s face.  For the nose I used my carrot nose design I made and have in my winter package, which is for sale for $1 in my shop.  Click here to check it out.  I made my nose out of wood, but you could also use vinyl or other materials to make this nose.   

Once everything was dry and finished, I was time to assemble everything.  I started off by attacking the slice of wood and the tin can.  I did this by applying gorilla glue around the edges of the tin can followed by some hot glue.  I then placed it on top of the slice of wood, and allowed them to dry.  You may even want to add a little weight on top of the tin can to help the glue.  Once this was fully dry and secure, I did the same thing to attach the hat to the snowman’s head.   

Looking back at this snowman, I think adding a little greenery and a flower or maybe some ribbon around his hat would look nice.

hand painted snowman

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