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Simple DIY Fall Wire Tree


  1. 28 gauge wire in the color of your choice.  
  2. Tiny Beads
  3. A base for your tree.  This can be a small pot like I did, or you can attach it to a larger stone.
  4. Hot glue and glue gun.  
  5. Wire cutters 


  1. Measure out your wire.  I made mine 15 inches long.  This was a little small, but it worked for my small tree.  If you want to make a larger tree or not hide the roots like I did, then you will definitely need to cut larger strips of wire. 

2. Slid beads onto precut wire and move the beads all the way to the middle of the wire. Then twist the wire to hold the beads in place. 

  • At first I only placed one bead per twisted section, but then decided I liked three beads per twisted section.

3. Now pick one end of the wire and slid another bead or set of 3 on to it.  Keep this second bead a little distance from the trunk of the tree you are making and twist the wire to hold the beads into place.  Try to twist your wire in the same direction every time so you do not undo another section.  The distance you place the beads from the main branch depends on the look you want.  Since my tree was going to be pretty small, I kept them all pretty close.

  • Depending on the size tree you will be making depends on how many beads you will want to attach to each branch section.  I made most of my branches with 3 sections of beads on them, but you do not have to make each section of branch exactly the same. Also try to use both ends of the wire when adding beads so one side is not significantly smaller than the other end.   

4. Once you have a few branches done, you just twist them together in a location you like.

  • If you plan on making a larger tree, then you will want to separate the bottom/end wires and mix them with the end wires of the second branch, then twist them together.  If you do not intertwine the wires before twisting them together, then the two wires will not intertwine as well and thus be less stable. Since my tree was so small this was not necessary.

5. Continue to make smaller branches and combine them together till you are happy with the size and shape of your tree. Make sure to leave some extra wire at the ends to glue it inside your pot or onto a large stone.

6. Attach your tree to a pot. I first twisted the end of my tree together and glued all the end wires to a stone. I then glued that stone to the bottom of my small pot. I then filled in my small pot with more stones and applied glue to the stones at the top so that would stay in place if it got moved or knocked over.

I saw some leaf shaped beads that would be fun to use for this tree, but they all seemed pretty big for my little tree. These leaf shaped beads then made me think about using my Cricut to make mini leaves out of thin fabric and gluing them onto my tree. You could even attach small fairy lights to the fabric leaves. I really like the simple bead look as well, but I like to give you other options to get your creativity flowing. The only thing I would change about my tree is to make it a little bigger and fuller. If I find more of these beads, then I might add more branches to my little tree in the future. That is the nice thing about this tree, you can add on to it easily and use the same steps to make it as big or small as you want.

I also made a blue crystal tree. If you would like to see how that one turned out, then click here.

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