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Simple, But Elegant 3 Dimensional Bunny Frames


  1. Shadow box picture frame with spacer.  I bought mine from Ikea.  
  1. Cardstock two sheets of your choice of patterns. The two I use came from  
Shop Cricut
Easter bunny
  1. Optional: Ribbon to make a bow.  You could also decorate your bunny with a flower or other items.  

4. Glue or tape if you wish to add an embellishment to your design.  

  1. Optional: spray paint to change the color of your picture frame if you choose too.  

6. My free SVG file from my library. I have two different bunnies to choose from and a chicken in the file. You can find the file by clicking here.

The picture frame I picked out was black, which did not seem to fit well with my design.  So, I applied two layers of white spray paint to my picture frame.  I took out all components of the frame before spray painting it, even the glass.  I also let it dry for a few hours between the two coats.   

While my picture frame was drying, I used my Cricut Maker (other Cricut or cutting machines will also work for this) to cut out a bunny shape.  I knew my frame was 8 x 10 inches.  So, I started out by making a square into an 8 x 10 rectangle in design space.  To do this, just click on the shapes button on the left side of the screen while you have a new project open in design space.  Then click on lock button between the size tab to make the lock open.  This will allow you to change both the height and width of the square independently.  Now just type in the dimensions of the frame you are using.   

birthday card

I then uploaded my bunny SVG file.  If you need help doing this, then please check out this post I wrote.  Position and size your bunny or other image you want to use over your rectangle you made.  You may need to click on the rectangle, then click arrangements (top middle of page), move to back.  This will make the bunny appear in front of the rectangle, so you can see how it will look inside the rectangle.  Once the size of you bunny is to your liking select both the rectangle and your bunny, then click align (top of page) and hit center.  This will make sure your bunny is in the center of your rectangle. Now select slice on the bottom right side of the page.  This will cut the bunny design out of your rectangle. It may look funny when you hit this button at first, but it is okay.  Just click on the objects and move them away from each other to reveal the rectangle with a bunny shape cut out of it.  You can delete or just hide the other two bunny shapes that come out of this.    

You can make another rectangle the same size as the first one (the size of your picture frame) with your Cricut, or since it is just a rectangle you can also cut it by hand.  I have a paper trimmer that I used to cut my second rectangle.  If you cut this rectangle with your Cricut, then you will waste just a little bit of the paper due to the Cricut not being able to cut exactly to the edge.   

With all your pieces cut out, it is time to assemble.  If you wish to apply a bow or flowers or other items to your bunny cut out, then do so now.  I attached my bow with a little Elmer’s glue and let it dry.  Place the cardstock with the bunny down first.  If you want to make the make the second picture frame with the bunny that was cut out, then you will also want to lay this bunny shape down first.  I applied a small piece of clear scotch tape by the bunny’s ears and tail to attach it to the glass frame.  Next you will want to place the spacer in, followed by the rectangular cardstock. Then put the back on.  If your embellishments are thick, then you may want to use some double-sided foam adhesive to attach your bunny directly to the cardstock rectangle.  In this case the spacer is not needed.  It will still give your design some dimension and separation, but the embellishments will not be pressed up against the glass frame.   

This is such a simple piece of art, but I really like the simplicity of it.  I was only planning on making one frame, but once I saw the cut out bunny, I had to make a second one.  These would be cute hanging on a wall next to each other or on a shelf of some sort.  I am going to place mine on a little table.  Depending on the color cardstock you use or the embellishment or design you have cut out, these can look very different.  I would love to see how yours turned out.  Did you use the cut out to make a second one like I did?  I thought about making on of a baby chick.  Maybe something to look out for for next year.   

Easter bunny

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