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Shaker Card – Mother’s Day


  1. Cardstock of different colors.
  2. Acetate or other clear plastic
  3. Foam spacer or double-sided foam tape will also work.
  4. My design which you can find in my free library.
  5. Optional: HTV (heat transfer vinyl) which you will then also need an easy press or an iron along with a heating mat or towels. You could also use cardstock, permanent or removable vinyl as well.
  6. Cricut machine (all machines will work) or other similar cutting machines.
  7. Double sided tape
  8. Glitter, sequences, or other thin filler pieces. The one I used came from Hobby Lobby. You can also search glitter confetti.


  1. Cut out all of the needed pieces.
    •  I have two different designs in my file. The first is a basic shaker, which you can then either glue or tape to the front of your card. If you need help on how to assemble this one, then head to this link it will show you how to assemble a different shaker, but it will be done in the same way. The shaker can also be used as a cake topper and many other ways.
    • The second version, the shaker card, is what I will be showing you how to make.
    • Upload the design to design space and delete or hide all the extra text directions and extra pieces you do not need. You will also want to make sure to size all the pieces accordingly. The sizes tend to get changed when switching from one program to another. I added the sizes I used for my 5×7 card.
    • You will also need to add the score line to your card. You can do this by clicking shapes (right side) then click on the line, then make it the same length as your card, and click rotate (top) and rotate it 90 if needed, and lastly click the card base and the line and hit align – center (top), then attach (bottom right).
    • I used foam as my spacer, which I like to cut on the flannel setting in a Cricut Maker model with the rotary blade. If you do not have a Cricut Maker model, then you can cut the foam with the fine point blade, that came with your machine.
    • For the other materials it will depend on the material you are using and what settings work best for you, every machine cuts a little differently. I like to use medium cardstock with more pressure for my cardstock. Always make sure your cuts have gone all the way through before unloading your mat. If they did not cut all the way through and you have not unloaded your mat, then you can hit the go button again to run the cuts again.
    • If you use HTV or iron on vinyl like I did for some of my card, then do not forget to mirror your design in the make it page. HTV should typically be placed shiny side down, but check the type of HTV you are using and their instructions.

2. Apply all iron on/HTV items first. The heat will melt acetate and foam. Place the iron on piece in the desired locations and use a heat source for about 10 second increments. If using an iron, then move it around for the 10 seconds.

3. Flip the front of the card over and with double sided tape tape the acetate in place over the mom cutout.

4. Next place your foam or thick barrier layer on top of the acetate. If your foam has a sticky side, then place this side directly on the acetate, if not then use double sided tape. You could also use thick double sided spacer tape down if you do not want to use the foam. No matter what you use just make sure there is a border around the cutout areas so no glitter pieces can slide through. If you use spacers, then add some around the other areas of the card as well so the thickness of the card is even.

5. Apply glitter and other filler pieces. Make sure to add enough filler. I always add more than I think I will need. Make sure your filler is not thicker than your border layer, otherwise they will not move around and shake.

6. Apply double sided tape around everything and place the card base on top.

7. Write your sentiment inside.

Since we used tape, it is cleaner, and you can start shaking it instantly. There is no need to wait for things to dry. Glue can also make the cardstock uneven. You can use these same steps to make different types of shakers cards. I think shaker cards are a lot of fun. I enjoy making them. Let me know if you also enjoy shakers and/or shaker cards and if I should keep making and sharing them with you.

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