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Scarecrow Wine Bottle DIY


  1. Empty bottle. I used the Korken bottle with stopper from Ikea as well as an empty wine bottle.
  2. Hot glue and glue gun
  3. Raffia
  4. Burlap
  5. A stick to help push everything down into your bottle.
  6. Scissors
  7. Fairy lights. I recommend the ones where the battery pack looks like a wine cork.
  8. Extra decorations, like leaves and flowers.
  9. Paint or vinyl for the face.
  10. My face design which you can find in my library. You can trace it, cut it out by hand or cut it out with a Cricut or other similar machine.


  1. Remove all stickers and toppers on your bottles.
  2. Take pieces or raffia along with your fairy lights and stuff them into your bottle. Use a stick or dowl rod to help get them down to the bottom of your bottle and space everything out. You can use as much or as little raffia as you like.

3. Glue burlap around the area of your bottle where it starts to get narrow. Try to create pleats (folds or doubling of the burlap) as you go.

4. Trim off any extra burlap and glue down the end. Overlap your starting spot just a little.

5. Wrap a new piece of burlap around the narrow section of your bottle. Make sure to overlap the bottom where your pleats are attacked to your bottle just a little. Do not create pleats in this piece of burlap.

6. Trim off any extra burlap and glue down the end. Overlap your starting spot just a little.

7. Stick your fairy light battery into the top of your bottle if you purchased the wine cork version, otherwise just allow the battery pack to sit next to your bottle.

8. Stick extra raffia around the top of your bottle, apply glue if needed. Apply as much or as little raffia as you would like to cover up your bottle opening and battery.

9. If needed use scissors to trim the raffia coming out of the top of your bottle. I also like to make the raffia look a little messy by crinkling it in my hand a little.

10. Add your face. You can use the face design I made for you, which can be found in my library, or you can hand paint a face on.

11. Add extra pieces to your scarecrow to give him or her a little more character.

The hat was the hardest part of this craft, but it is relatively easy and fun to make. These would be great to make with a group of friends and family. It is fun to see how different they turn out from one another. They all have their own personality and flare.

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