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Ribbon Trees 2 Different Ways


  1. Ribbon. You can have different thicknesses. I picked a 1-inch-thick wired ribbon.
  2. Cone. I used a paper Mache cone, but these wood cones should also work just fine.
  3. Hot glue and glue gun. I like using a precision tip glue gun for projects like this.
  4. Scissors
  5. Optional: berries and other decorative pieces to add to your trees.


Pleated Tree

  1. Fold ribbon to make pleats/texture to ribbon. If you are not using wired ribbon, then you will need to apply hot glue to folds so they will hold.

2. Wrap ribbon around bottom of tree and apply hot glue as needed.

3. Cut off extra ribbon. Fold over end and glue it down.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for next section of tree and keep repeating as needed.

5. For the tip I wrapped ribbon around the tip of the tree and glued it in place, cutting off any extra pieces of ribbon as needed.

6. Glue extra berries, a star, or other decorative pieces as desired.

Layered Tree

  1. Cut strips of ribbon. I measured my ribbon against the size of my tree and cut my ribbon to a size I thought would look nice. I did not measure it out. These strips will be folded in half, so remember to take that into consideration when determining the size/length you want your ribbon strips to be.
  1. I used my first strip of ribbon to indicate where to cut my next strip of ribbon. I did this to cut all of my strips of ribbon. You can cut more strips if you get low.
  2. Fold strip of ribbon in half and hot glue ends together. Do this for all of the strips of ribbon.
  3. Apply hot glue to glued end of ribbon strip and apply it to the bottom of your tree.
  4. Continue gluing strips of ribbon around the bottom of your tree. I overlapped my ribbon piece vs gluing them side by side. Also make sure the bottom folded ends of the ribbon strips match up well. It is okay if the top glued portion of your ribbon strips do not line up exactly or are messy. This will get covered up by the next layer.

5. Continue to the next layer of the tree. Make sure to overlap the layer below as much or little as you would like. I offset my layers as much as possible.

6. For the tip of my tree, I decided to use three folded ribbon strips and wrapped them around the tip of my tree.

7. Bend up tips of ribbon as desired to add more texture and contrast to your tree.

8. Glue extra berries, a star, or other decorative pieces as desired.

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