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Resin Letter Dish


  1. ceramic dish. I found these letter ceramic dishes from Dollar Tree. I also bought one heart shape dish from Target.
  2. Total Boat resin
  3. glitter. I have a wide variety of glitter I used.
  4. dried flowers
  5. foil flakes
  6. tweezers to help place foil flakes and dried flowers. I have gotten different tools from Dollar Tree.
  7. silicone mat to protect your work surface
  8. silicone stir stick
  9. silicone cups to mix resin in
  10. gloves
  11. mask

For my bridesmaids I decided to make each of them a letter filled with resin. At first I was going to make them all the same and related to my wedding colors, but then I decided to make them colors I thought they would like the best. I also made one for myself and both my mom and my fiancé’s mom. I could not find a ceramic letter P for my fiancé’s mom, so I ended up just doing a ceramic heart for her.

I found these ceramic letters from Dollar Tree, but I have also seen similar ones at Target. I use total boat epoxy resin.  Also do not forget that when working with resin you need to be in a well ventilated area and wear gloves and a mask.

resin letter dish

My resin ratio is 1 to 1. So, this means I need to mix one part resin with one part of the hardener. Once you have both parts in a silicone container you will need to mix both parts together very well.  I recommend mixing with a silicone stir stick. Mixing resin with a popsicle stick or anything wood can create more bubbles in your resin. You will want to mix your resin based on the instructions indicated. For my resin I mix it for about 5 min. When I first started working with resin, I was so worried it would harden on me before I had time to complete my piece, that I would only mix it for about one min. I then learned that this was making my resin cloudy, and I had a lot of bubbles. I had plenty of work time still when I stir my resin for the total 5 min., and it made my pieces look a lot nicer. 

I started off by pouring some glitter into my ceramic letters. For my letter K I just used pink glitter and lightly covered the entire bottom of my letter. For some of the other letters I mixed two different colors of glitter. For two of them I mixed a blue and white glitter to make it look like the ocean and sand. The white glitter can be a little difficult to see against the white ceramic. I did the black and white letter M differently. I poured my resin first, then added the glitter on top of the resin. I ended up using a lot of glitter in this one.

resin letter dish

Once my glitter was in place, I carefully added my resin. I could have added the dried flowers and gold flakes to my resin before pouring it, but since each letter was a little different, I decided to jut pour the clear resin by itself into each ceramic letter. I then used a thin tool to move around my glitter to my liking.

The next step was to add some dried flowers I had from previous real flower arrangements I had and saved. These little flowers dry and stay preserved very nicely. So, when ever I get a flower arrangement with them in it, I like to put them in a little bag and save them. I did not do anything special to them. I used tweezers to pick up and place my little flowers where I wanted them.

The letters seemed like they needed a little something. So, I added a little chunkier gold glitter and rose gold flakes to some of the letters. I moved pieces around with my little pointy tool until I was happy with the placement of things. Then I let them sit over night and harden.

resin letter dish

The letter L needed a little more glitter, so I added some after everything else was added. More glitter came out then I intended, but I just moved it around till it looked evenly distributed. This glitter at the top did cover up some of the gold chunky glitter and white flowers I added earlier, but I think it still looks nice.

For the black and white letter M I added my clear resin first, then I poured black and white glitter in different sections of the letter. I poured a lot of glitter into this letter, because the white was not showing up against the white ceramic background, and the black glitter was looking more gray than black. I then added some chunky gold glitter pieces. I did not want to mix this design to much, so I did not move things around much. I pretty much left them where they fell.

I am happy with how all of these turned out. For the most part the glitter stayed on the bottom and the flowers and gold flakes floated to the top. I think they make for a fun and unique gift. They can use them as just decoration, in a tier tray, or as a little trinket try to keep jewelry and other small items in. I am currently using mine as decoration at my crafting desk. I also made one for my grandma and gave it to her last Christmas. She uses hers on her nightstand to keep small little items in. I will be gifting the others to my mom, soon to be mother in law, and bridesmaids. They could also be great teacher gifts, graduation gifts or as decoration for a graduation party.

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