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Resin Crystal Canvas


  1. Canvas. I purchased mine from Dollar Tree.
  2. Resin. I am using Total Boat. You only need a little bit.
  3. Gloves and any other protective equipment you might need when working with resin.
  4. Paint brush to spread resin on canvas and brush off extra pieces.
  5. Silicone container to measure and mix your resin.
  6. Spray paint. I used maroon and rose gold, but you can pick other colors. Blue and silver is another pretty combination.
  7. Small chunks of glass. I purchased mine from Michaels.
  8. Different types of glitter that matches your spray paint colors. Both chunky and fine glitter is recommended.
  9. Optional: sealer. I used polyacrylic.


  1. Spray paint your canvas.
    • I sprayed half my canvas with my darker color, then the other half with my lighter color while the darker color was still wet. I made sure to overlap the colors in the middle a little.

2. Mix your resin.

  • Make sure to wear gloves and are in a well-ventilated area when working with resin.

3. Pour a line of resin across the center of your canvas. Be sure not to go over the edges of your canvas.

4. Use a paint brush to brush the resin into both sides of your canvas. Brush the resin as far as you would like. Make some brush strokes longer and some shorter, so they are not all symmetric.

5. Apply a generous amount of glass pieces followed by chunky glitter, then finish off with fine glitter.

6. Set aside for your resin to cure.

7. Use a paint brush to brush off any extra pieces of glass and glitter that did not stick to your canvas after your resin cured.

  • You can go back in with some glue (gorilla glue recommended) and add more pieces of glass and glitter if needed.

8. Apply a sealer if you would like to have a shiny coating over your canvas. You could cover your entire resin in canvas, or many other products. I decided to use polyacrylic to seal and add that nice shiny coat to my canvas.

I thought the red fine glitter matched my maroon pretty close, but I got too much in one section and it really stands out to me. I tried covering it up with some more of my rose gold glitter. Which did help. I could have also added more resin over the red glitter and applied more glitter to cover it up more. I also should have gotten some chunky glitter. I thought my rose gold glitter would be good enough, but a chunkier glitter would have been really nice. If there are any areas that seem like they need more especially the bigger pieces like the glass pieces, then you could always hand glue a few pieces down. I was surprised with how little fell off of my canvas after my resin cured. Do not be afraid to add more glass and glitter than you think it needs. Any that falls off after the resin cures can be used again in another project. Over all I am happy with how this piece turned out. I really like this color combination. I even had these colors in my wedding.

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