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Red, White, and Bling: Faux Rhinestone Crafts for the 4th of July and Memorial Day


  1. Foil vinyl. I recommend HTV/iron on
  2. Mosaic vinyl in desired type
  3. Any Cricut machine or similar machine
  4. Green standard grip cutting mat
  5. Optional: weeding tools
  6. Optional: transfer tape
  7. Optional: cardstock
  8. Optional: shirt
  9. Optional: bag
  10. Optional: heat press or iron
  11. Optional: slap bracelets to help hold open vinyl
  12. Creative fabrica rhinestone words
  13. My designs which can be found here


1.You will first need to determine what material you would like to place your designs on and which designs you would like to use. Feel free to mix and match pieces. I moved the flower fireworks to be actual fireworks for another design and duplicated a few and adjusted their sizes.

2. Make sure everything is sized accordingly. In my design I provide the size in inches I used for the sunglasses. Make sure all pieces matched this size or the size you decide if you change any sizes.

3. Cut out your vinyl according to the type you decide to use. If you are using HTV/iron on vinyl, then do not forget to mirror your designs before cutting them out.

4. Weed out your designs/remove all unwanted vinyl from your design pieces. Cut down vinyl pieces if needed to make weeding easier and to eliminate waste of material.

5. Place vinyl pieces on your material accordingly. If you are using permanent vinyl, then you will need to first use transfer tape to move your design to your material. If you are using HTV, then check the recommended heat setting for the material you are using. I like to use Cricut heat guide.

I was glad I finally found a fun way to use this mosaic vinyl. The mosaic vinyl was a lot easier and made a cleaner look than the individually cut circles in my opinion. If I cut my own circles, I would use HTV instead of the permanent vinyl. Permanent vinyl does work, but HTV would be easier.

These designs would be fun to put on a shirt, a hat, or a tote bag. If you place the design on cardstock, then it would be nice in a frame or as a table decoration or place setting. Which design do you like the best?

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