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Rainbow With Felt Flowers Sign – Hobby Lobby Dupe


  1. Frame. I bought my frame from Joann Fabrics. It was 12 x 16 inches.
  2. Wood to make the rainbow. I used a Glowforge to cut my rainbow out of wood (the Cricut knife blade should also be able to do this), and then hand painted each strip. You could also cut my rainbow design out of vinyl, felt, fun decorative paper, or make a stencil to paint onto your frame.
  3. Wood glue if you make your rainbow out of wood.
  4. Paint and paint brushes
  5. Greenery
  6. Precision hot glue gun and glue sticks
  7. Felt. Any felt can work, but if you make the spiral flowers, then I recommend stiff felt for best results.
  8. A pink or purple Cricut mat. You could also cut these patterns by hand with scissors.
  9. Scissors
  10. Cricut Maker is recommended, but you can use other Cricut machines or cut the pattern out of felt by hand.
  11. Rotary blade, which is only compatible with the Cricut Maker series. The fine point blade can work, but the rotary blade is best if you have that option.
  12. Optional: Contact paper from Dollar Tree or transfer tape. I use this to protect my mat from the fuzzy pieces the felt leaves behind.
  13. The rainbow and some of my felt flowers (my spiral flower) can be found in my library.
  14. My pink flower and other extras can be found in my shop.
  15. Other flower templates can be found at Abbikirstencollections Paper Flowerfest. Which is takes place July 10th-12th 2023. It is a free event, but if you miss the dates, would like early accessor, or would like access to her bonus items, then you can purchase her VIP pass.


  1. Measure your frame and how big you would like your rainbow and flowers to be. I have a little sample of how I determined my flower size in my YouTube video above. I made my rainbow about 13 inches by 8 inches.
  2. Cut out your rainbow and paint it if needed. I used a Glowforge to cut my rainbow out of wood, and then hand painted each strip. You could cut my rainbow design out of vinyl, felt, fun decorative paper, or make a stencil to paint onto your frame.
  3. Apply your rainbow to your frame. I placed my rainbow a little higher to give myself more room to add my flowers at the bottom. I also used wood glue to attach my rainbow and place a heavy item on top of it as it dried because my wood was warped (not lying flat) a little.

4. Cut out your flower and assemble them. More in depth instructions can be found in my YouTube video.

  • Pink individual petal flowers: Apply a small amount of hot glue at the bottom of each petal and pinch it together. Do this for both the large and small petals but leave two small petals out. With the two small petals, pinch them together to create the center of your flower, then attach small petals around this piece. Next apply the larger petals around by placing offset the petals placed before them. Continue to add petals till you are happy with your flower.
  • White spiral flower: Start with the end that does not have the circle at the end, and start apply glue as you roll your flower. Once you get to the end (the circle) apply some glue and use the circle to cover the bottom of your flower.
  • Layered flowers: Start with the puff ball and wrap each layer around the ball curving it slightly up and around the ball to give your flower some dimension. Offset each layer. You can add as many or little layers as you would like. I added the bottom stem piece of my pink flower design to the center of some of these flowers just to add a bit more color and interest.
  • White hand cut flowers: Cut a strip of felt about 2 inches tall and about 5 inches length wise. If you are making multiples of these flowers like I did, then you can make your felt longer and just cut it later. Fold your felt strip in half length wise and apply hot glue where the two ends of your felt comes together. On the folded over end of your felt, cut slits all the way down your strip of felt, but do not cut the area that is glued together. Apply glue down your strip of felt and roll it. If you would like to add the puff ball, then roll the strip of felt around the puff ball.

5. Place flowers and greenery around your rainbow and attach with hot glue once you are happy with the placement of things.

6. My frame had the hanging mechanisms on the side of my frame. So, I unscrewed them and screwed them on the long side/top of my frame. I kept the leather handle to be used in a future project.

I saw a similar piece at Hobby Lobby, but decided I wanted to make my own so I could change a few them. I am very excited with how this turned out! It is currently hanging on my wall just out of view in my YouTube videos. I kept putting this project off because I was not sure what flowers I wanted to make for it. With Abbikirstencollections Paper Flowerfest happening it was the perfect time to finally finish this beautiful piece I have been so excited to recreate. Do you like my recreation better or the original from Hobby Lobby? Let me know down below.

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