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Dollar Tree Pumpkin Makeover


  1. Pumpkin. I purchased mine from Dollar Tree.
  2. Permanent vinyl. I used the color suntan.
  3. A Cricut cutting machine or other similar cutting machine. Any of the Cricut machines will work.
  4. Paint and paint brush
  5. Weeding tools
  6. Transfer tape

You need a firm pumpkin so the vinyl can stick to it. If you do a fabric pumpkin, then you could do HTV vinyl instead of permanent vinyl. It does not matter what the color of your pumpkin is. Just focus on finding a pumpkin with the shape you like. My pumpkin was originally green, which was pretty, but I painted it blue with a rose gold stem. I applied two coats of paint and set it aside to dry. I actually really liked the pumpkin just all blue with the rose gold stem and debated just leaving it like that. It is amazing how much just a paint job can transform a piece. I also liked the green on the pumpkin originally, but I was not a fan of the silver stem.  

I then went to Cricut Design Space and found a design I liked. The one I used was from Cricut Access. It was under images and called Flower #M47488. You can also find similar designs if you do a google search, just be sure you are able to use the designs you find.  

Once I had a design I liked I measured my pumpkin and scaled my design down accordingly. For my particular pumpkin and design, I made the width 0.826 inches and the height 2.33 inches. I then clicked on my design and hit the duplicate button. I duplicated my design 7 times so I had a total of 8 of my design pieces.

I then arranged all of my pieces so they fit nicely next to each other while taking up the lease amount of space. I do not like to waste vinyl. I then selected all of my pieces and hit the attach button in the lower right-hand side of the page. This just keeps the arrangement and spacing of my pieces when I go to make them. I used Cricut brand permanent vinyl called suntan. With metallic vinyl I find they tend to need two passes. So, hit go a second time before you unload your mat.

Once I had my pieces cut out, I just peeled them off and stuck them on to my pumpkin. You could weed out the design and use transfer tape to help you apply your designs to your pumpkin if you want. I just peeled my design off and applied it directly to my pumpkin, but most people would probably use a transfer sheet to help them do this. I placed my designs in an alternating pattern, one facing up and then next facing downward.

You could also make one of your design and weed out the design itself, then use that as a stencil and paint your design onto your pumpkin. When you apply paint to a stencil I recommend dabbing your paint brush up and down instead of doing the traditional brush strokes. You could also get a fabric pumpkin and make your designs on HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and apply your design with an iron. It all depends on the look you are wanting, but these simple steps can really change the look of your piece. Just keep this in mind no matter what piece you are working on.

I really like how simple and easy this transformation was. I am loving this dark blue and rose gold color combination. Do you have a color theme for your fall decorations? I just buy and make things I like, I do not really have a color scheme, maybe one day I will follow a theme. Which pumpkin do you like the best and what colors will you make your pumpkin? Leave a comment below.  If you would like to learn how I made the yarn pumpkin, then click here. It was easy and requires very little supplies to make.

pumpkin makeover

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