Foldable Wood Origami Crane


One of a kind Foldable Bamboo Origami Crane. Each Crane is precision laser cut from a single piece of bamboo. Each Crane has its own unique grain of wood, thus making no two alike. To give some extra personality to the Crane, with the help of magnets, you can interchange the Crane’s head, in a resting position or getting ready to soar the skies.

All Cranes will be handcrafted and inspected with care. You will be provided detailed instructions with pictures on how to assemble your beautiful Crane at home.

Includes all the necessary pieces to build your own beautiful Bamboo Crane. (glue is not included)

  • 52× Laser Cut Finished Bamboo Pieces
  • 118× Laser Sealed Ribbon Pieces
  •  Magnets
  • Fine Tip Glue Bottle


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I choose bamboo for its Eco-friendly nature and beautiful wood grain. Did you know that bamboo is technically a grass? Bamboo is an Eco-friendly material that grows 3 feet (approx. 1 meter) per day. To make the build stable I choose a MultiPly bamboo, which is lightweight, multi-layered, EPI (formaldehyde free), designed to offer increased strength and stability.


Folded Crane

  • Width (wingspan): approx. 13in (≈ 33cm)
  • Length (head to tail): approx. 12in (≈ 30.5cm)
  • Height: approx. 8in (≈ 20cm)


Unfolded Crane (Flat)

  • approx. 19in x 19in (≈ 48cm)


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