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Positivity Box

This design can be found in my free library.  You can get the password here.  You can go directly to the library if you have the password, by clicking here.  I call this a positivity box, but you could make it into many different things.  I added positive words to help people at my mom’s work to remember to be nice and for her to smile if she is having a rough day.  You can change the words to be anything you want.  You could put meaningful quotes, pretty flower designs, or the names of the different seasons.  There are so many possibilities with this wooden box.   

wood box

You could also delete all the words and after it is assembled, you could put pictures on each side of the box.  You could even make it into a die to help you decide where to eat for dinner.  I made this box to be 4 inches by 4 inches, which is pretty big.  So, feel free to modify the file to make it fit your desired size.  You could even modify it to become a rectangle instead of a box for a completely different look and design.   

When assembling I recommend going back to the download that tells you which square is the top, bottom, side….  Once my Golweforge cut and engraved all my pieces, I used this download to lay my pieces in the correct locations.  Just remember what you changed all the names/words too.  I then used wood glue to glue each side together.  Other glued could also be used.  I squirted some of my wood glue out and used a tooth piece to place the glue in all the edges.  This way I did not get a lot of extra glue seeping out.   

I used wood to make my box, but you could also use other materials such as chipboard, cardboard, and other sturdy materials.   

This could also be a cute project for Father’s Day.  You could have the kids write notes or just have some common Father’s Day or other holiday sayings, then have your kids paint the box.  You could also add the words after the kids paint the box by applying the sayings with a permanent vinyl.   

What would you put or do with a wooden box?  I might make more wooden boxes, but not include the top side, and put flowers inside the box.  I may also modify the top to not have the joints so I could make a hinge for the lid, and allow it to open and close.   

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