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Pet Memorial


  1. Velvet ribbon. I used 0.38 inch wide, but that thin of a ribbon can be difficult to work with.
  2. Small glass container. I bought mine in a pack of 6 from Dollar Tree. Use larger container if you want to put more inside or to make it easier to work with.
  3. Hot glue and glue gun
  4. Permanent viny. I used white and a gold textured permanent vinyl.
  5. HTV (heat transfer vinyl). I used a glitter heat transfer vinyl (iron on).
  6. Any Cricut machine or similar machines.
  7. Design. You can use my design, which can be found in my library.


  1. Upload design/designs to Cricut Design Space.
  2. Click text and type pet’s name if desired. I used a blocky font called “Cricut Sans” to make it easier to weed and apply onto my thin ribbon.
  3. Measure the thickness of your ribbon and size font accordingly. For my ribbon my font and paw prints could not be more than 0.375 inches tall for the font and the paws could not be more than 0.375 inches wide.
pet memorial

4. Measure glass jar. I made my cat 1 inch tall and 0.589 inches wide for the size jar I used. I then sized the halo and wings accordingly.

pet memorial

5. Cut your different pieces of vinyl. Remember the HTV needs to be mirrored (pet’s name and paw prints). The other pieces do not need to be mirrored, but it is okay if you mirror them. Double check that you are using the correct type of vinyl for each section of design.

pet memorial

6. Weed out all of your vinyl pieces.

7. Apply transfer tape to cat, wings, and halo if needed. The textured vinyl is not as sticky as other permanent vinyl, so I did not use transfer tape to apply them. You can apply the wings and halo to the cat first or one at a time directly onto your glass, like I did.

8. For the ribbon bow, I applied my HTV onto pieces of the ribbon tail first, then assembled and glued my bow together.  You could make your bow first, then apply the HTV to the tails as well. I am not the best at bows, so for me it was better to assemble my bow in pieces.

pet memorial

9. Most HTV comes on a transfer sheet already. Place your design directly onto the velvet or other type of ribbon, with the clear transfer sheet on top. With the velvet ribbon you will need to use a low heat setting and only apply your heat for short periods of time. I did 5 second intervals until my glitter iron on was adhered to my velvet.

10. Lastly use hot glue to apply your bow to your glass jar and fill your glass jar if desired.

pet memorial

You could make this into an ornament by attaching another piece of ribbon around the top of the jar in a loop. I am placing my piece in my curio cabinet to make sure it stays safe. This turned into a beautiful piece. You can change colors and add or not do steps depending on what you would like. I choose the velvet ribbon because Chloe was the softest cat I had ever felt. So, I wanted something to remind me of that.

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