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Pebble Art Bird DIY


  1. Elmer’s glue  
  1. A big pebble and a small pebble  
  1. A piece of bark or wood chip  
  1. A small twig  
  1. Shadow box to display pebble art in.  I bought mine from Ikea. It is called Gunnabo. It is 8 x 10” without the matte inserted and 5 x 7” with the matte inserted.  I was unable to find this particular frame on Ikea’s website.  Amazon also sells this exact picture frame and I will provide you with the links.
  1. White card stock or other background color of your choice 

Start by looking for the big pebble.  See if you can find one that kind of resembles the shape of a bird.  Then find a small pebble that is kind of triangular in shape.  This will be used for the beak of the bird, so make sure it is a good size for your bird size pebble you found first.  Next find a piece of bark or wood chip that could be used for the wing of the bird.  Again, use your bird pebble you found earlier as a size reference.  Now you just need to find a small twig for the bird to sit on.   Play around with the different pebbles and bark you find. Even moving pieces a little can change the look of the piece. At first I placed the wood chip wing to far back, but after messing with it a little bit, I found I liked the wing covering more of the birds body. I also rotated the bird’s body a little bit. The two pictures below have the exact same pieces in both photos, but positioned a little differently.

Now for assembly.  I started off by cutting my card stock to the size of the cardboard backing of the picture frame.  You can just lay the card stock on top of the cardboard backing and cut the overhang with scissors.  Next, I glued the twig down.  I just used Elmer’s glue for this, and it works really well.  I was surprised how was it held everything.  Make sure the twig goes under the matte if your shadow box has one.  I think it looks nicer when you do this.  Just hold the matte over the card stock to see how much it covers it.  You can also place your bird down before you glue the stick to make sure everything will be in a location you like before you start gluing.  Next, I glued the body of the bird down (your bigger pebble).  Then, I glued his beak down, followed by the piece of bark for his wing on top of the bigger pebble/body of the bird.  I also place a small dried flower in each of my pebble art pieces as my signature.  Make sure everything is dry before assembling your shadow box.  I assembled my shadow box a little differently than how it came.  I start by laying down the frame and the glass, then the matte, next is the spacer, followed by the card stock with the pebble art glued onto it, and finally the cardboard backing/back of the shadow box and push down the tabs on the back to close it.  Now it is ready to be hung.   

pebble art bird DIY

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