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Paper Quilled Floral Heart That Is Beginner Friendly


  1. Paper quilling paper
  2. Quilling tool
  3. Glue in a thin tip bottle
  4. Wax paper
  5. Pins
  6. Cork board
  7. Cardstock

  1. I had my Cricut machine drawl a heart for me to follow and cut out the words I love you out of the center. If you do not have a Cricut or other cutting machine, then you can drawl your heart and the words I Love You by hand.
  2. Glue two different shades of yellow quilling strips together so that one is showing above the other. You could use two strips of quilling the same thickness and just offset them. To insure I glued the two strips of paper straight I used one thicker strip of paper and one thinner. Then lined the thinner strip along the bottom of the thicker strip of paper. Apply a thin line of glue to glue the strips of paper together. I applied the lighter shade of yellow (my thinner paper strip) to both sides of my larger darker yellow paper strip.
paper quilling

3. Cut small slits all the way down one side your glued yellow strips of paper. You can cut down to the lighter yellow strip, but do not cut all the way through.

paper quilling

4. Measure about 4 inches and cut your strip of paper. You can use the extra for the centers of other flowers.

5. Use a quilling tool to tightly roll your yellow strip of paper. While the paper is tightly wound on the quilling tool, apply a small amount of glue to the end of the paper strip and hold it till it dries.

paper quilling

6. Remove paper quilled piece from quilling tool and turn the tool over or use a pen to push the tightly quilled paper to give it a little depth. Then apply extra glue to bottom. This is the center of the flower. Set it aside while you make the petals.

paper quilling

7. Grab the paper strip color you would like for your petals. Cut or tear with your fingers about 6 inches of the paper strip.

8. Quill the paper strip around your quilling tool. This time we will want a loose quill, so remove the quilled strip of paper and let it unravel a little in your fingers. If you would like all of your petals to be the exact same, then let it unravel inside a small circular shape, like the ones on the front of my cork board.

9. Once it is done unraveling, apply a little glue to the end and hold it till it dries. This will keep your piece from unraveling any more.

paper quilling

10. Pinch one end of the quilled piece. Then do a quick small pinch to one side on the other end.

11. This is half of a petal. Repeat steps 7-10 to make the other half.

12. Apply glue to the more flat edges of your two petal haves and press them together till the glue dries. I like having the tips of my petals not touching, so I did not apply glue to the very tips of my petals.

paper quilling

13. Continue step 7-12 till you have made as many petals as you would like for your flower. I made between 6-7 petals per flower depending on the thickness of the petals I made. I also made some partial petals. I only made 2 and a half petals for the partial flowers.

14. Place the yellow flower center you made earlier and place it on the cork board with wax paper on top of it. Push a push pin through the middle of it to help hold it in place.

15. Dip the ends of your petals in some glue and place them around your flower center. Let them dry completely.

paper quilling

16. Continue the steps above until you have made all the flower you would like. I made 3 full flowers and 2 partials.

17. I then had my Cricut machine draw a large heart for me. You could also drawl the heart by hands. I used a black marker, to make my heart, but a pencil would be better so the line is not as noticeable.

paper quilling

18. Place design over a cork board.

19. Apply small amounts of glue around your heart (or other shape you choose to make).

20. Lay a paper strip of paper around your heart. Place push pins into the cork board to help keep your paper strip in the correct position and to bend around the edges. It might be a little difficult to get started, but once you get going it gets easier.

paper quilling

21. Add additional paper strips if needed. The paper strips will blend together nicer if they are torn at the ends that are being joined together. Then apply a little glue to the torn ends.

22. Let this completely dry before removing the push pins.

paper quilling

23. Add glue to the back of your petals and place them where you would like. Paper glues well to other paper, so you can have your flowers at angles and they will still dry securely in place. This was a birthday card for my mom, and she has it hanging on her refrigerator, and the flowers are staying on well even though they do not have a lot of contact surfaces.

paper quilling

I added some bunnies and a message on the back of my piece to make it into a birthday card for my mom. You could frame it and hang it on a wall. You could also change Happy Birthday to say Happy Easter. You could also make everything smaller so it could fit on a proper card size. There are some many different possibilities with this project to really change it up for what ever you would like to make it for.

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