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Nautical Anchor Décor DIY

The SVG file of this anchor I made can be downloaded for free when you sign up for my email list.  This file can be used on a GlowforgeCricut, or other cutting machines.  It can easily be scaled to different sizes.  This anchor can be cut out of wood, vinyl, cardstock, and several other materials depending on your projects.   

With this SVG file I used my Glowforge to cut the anchor out of draft wood. (see this link on my opinions of the Glowforge and for a discount off your purchase of a Glowforge)  I used draft wood since I knew I was going to paint the wood, thus none of the wood grain would show.  If you decided to leave the anchor the wood color, then I recommend using a nicer wood, like basswood (for a lighter colored wood) or walnut (for a darker colored wood).  The Cricut Maker can also cut very thin plywood, but may need several passes to cut all the way through.   

After I had my wooden anchor cut out, I painted it a nice deep blue on all sides.  Once the paint was dry, I used some jute rope to give it more dimension and character.  I started by feeding the jute rope through the top hole in the anchor and glued the end of the jute rope to the back of the anchor so it would not be seen.  I used gorilla glue for this, but other glues like hot glue would probably work as well.  Since gorilla glue takes a while to dry, I placed a heavy book on top of the anchor to hold the jute rope in place as it dried.  I then wrapped the jute rope around the anchor, ending in the back of the anchor.  I then cut my jute rope and glued the second end to the back at the bottom of the anchor. 

wooden anchor with crabs

You could also add a life preserver or flowers to your anchor for a different look. This anchor would be cute laying against a sail boat or other nautical décor.  For the picture above, I used a clear stand from dollar tree.  This anchor design could also make for a cute vinyl to put on a water bottle with some stripes.  This anchor could also be cut onto cardstock to make a nice summer themed card.  You could also size the anchor down a little and make a smaller wooden anchor to place around a bottle with the jute rope, like this bottle I got from dollar tree.   

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