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Mickey Mouse Rope Home Décor


  1. Rope.  I purchased mine from Dollar Tree.   
  1. Board/frame.  I purchased mine from Joann Fabrics  
  1. Flowers.  I used sola wood flowers, but you could also use felt, cardstock, or even silk flowers  
  1. Greenery  
  1. Hot glue and glue gun  
  1. Optional: white paint  
  1. Optional: blue painter’s tape  

I started off by taping the edges of my board with blue painter’s tape.  You do not have to tape the sides, but I found it was quicker, easier, and insured I did not get paint on the sides.  I then used some white paint to paint the inside surface of my board.  I liked how you could still see a bit of the wood showing through.  So, I recommend not applying the paint to thick.  

Once the paint was dry, I removed the painters’ tape.  I then placed three circular items in the shape of Mickey head on my board.  I used a bowl and two icing containers for my piece, but feel free to use whatever you have that could work.  I then took a pencil and lightly drew around my shapes.   

Once the template was complete it was time to warm up my hot glue gun.  I started on one ear, and applied some hot glue.  I then wrapped my rope around the ear, following my lines.  The rope does not make the Sharpe turn from the ear to the head, so you will need to cut your rope.  I just used regular scissors to cut my rope.  Sharper scissors would have worked better.  I just took my time and kept cutting away.   

I then measured how much rope I would need for the head, and cut my rope accordingly.  I then applied my hot glue around the head and placed my rope.  I chose to wrap my rope around the entire head, because it would require less cutting of the rope, as well as an even surface for my flowers to be glued too.   

Mickey mouse

I then finished the Mickey head by measuring out how much rope I needed for the last ear, cutting it down to size, and gluing it down with hot glue.   

Mickey mouse

I wanted a nature look to this piece, so I decided to use uncolored/natural sola wood flowers.  You could also use silk flowers, paper flowers, felt flowers, or even just greenery, with maybe a few berries or something.  Depending on what you decided to use to finish off your piece, can really change the entire look of the piece.  You will just need to lay some pieces down and see what you like best, before you glue anything down.  I used hot glue to attach my flowers and greenery.     

I really love how this piece turned out.  I hung it up on my wall right away. I think it looks even better in person.  The pictures do not quite capture its beauty. It was not too difficult to make.  It just takes a little time.  You can also use these techniques to make other shapes and pieces.  I would stick to simple shapes however.  I am thinking of making another one, but with a heart shape.   

Click on the video blow or head over to my YouTube channel to see the full video of me making this piece. It shows more in-depth of me arranging the flowers and greenery.

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