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Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

How To Make Clay Molds And Add Them To A Pumpkin Or Other Pieces

Learn how to use molds to make clay flowers as I decorate this cute ceramic pumpkin. It will look like the flowers were always there.

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  1. 16 mason jar lid rings.  You could use more or less depending on how full you want your pumpkin to be.   
    • These rose gold mason jar lid rings would make for a beautiful pumpkin without having to do anything to them.
  1. Spray paint in your color of choice.  
  1. Twine or string (This will not be seen)  
  1. Cinnamon sticks, stick, or other item of your choice for the stem.  I purchased my cinnamon sticks from Dollar Tree, but they did not have much of a smell to them.
  1. Optional leaves and berries to decorate if desired.  
  1. Optional: Hot glue to glue leaves and stem on if you want. 

I started out by holding up my Masion jar lids to determine how many I wanted for my pumpkin. I though 16 jar lids seemed like a good amount to me, but feel free to add more or less. I then spray painted all of my Masion jar lids. You will need to spray one side, then let it dry completely, turn them over and spray the other side. Make sure you get the sides covered as well.  

mason jar lid pumpkin

Once all the Masion jars have been completely covered with the spray paint and are completely dry, feed the lids through your string/twine. Once all the rings are fed through the string make a double knot and cut off any extra string.  Then spread out the rings to your liking.  This may take a little time to get them to lay just right. When you store your pumpkin away for the year, you simply push all the rings together. This helps save space when storing it away. Then just space the rings back out when you are ready to display it again next year.  

Lastly place your cinnamon sticks, stick, or other item you want to use as a stem along with any extra decorations, like leaves, flowers, and berries to your pumpkin.  I decided to use three cinnamon sticks for the stem of my pumpkin.  I did not glue these down, but you could if you wanted too.  The cinnamon sticks are also nice because they let off a nice smell. I tried adding several different leaves and things to determine which I liked best. Since I did not glue any of these pieces down, I can always switch them out later or next year. You can use these different samples I made up to help you decide what you would like to decorate your pumpkin with.  Let me know in the comments, I would love to see what you did!   

The color and extra pieces you add on to decorate your piece will really change the entire look and feel to this piece. You could even add some fairy lights and/or straw inside your pumpkin for a very elegant look. Last year I made this same pumpkin, but instead of spray painting my rings, I added paper strips around each of the jar rings. You can check out that pumpkin, by clicking this link. Which method do you like better?  

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