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Marshmallows And Smores Décor


  1. Cube. I did both small wooden cubes and larger white foam cubes. I found both at Dollar Tree. The foam cubes I had to order online. I never saw them in my stores. It is actually cheaper to order them from Amazon. If you buy the wood blocks from Amazon make sure you pay attention to the sizes. They all seemed to be a lot smaller than the Dollar Tree versions, which say 1.5 inches.
  2. Mod Podge. I like they glossy mod podge for this project
  3. Paint. I used acrylic paint.
  4. Vinyl unless you want to paint your own faces onto your cubes. I used permanent vinyl for both types of cubes. You could also use HTV vinyl for the wood cubes, but this is a very small area, so be careful not to burn yourself.
  5. My different faces that you can mix and match.
  6. A Cricut machine or other machine to cut the faces out of your vinyl, unless you decide to cut them out by hand or hand paint the faces on.
  7. Cork sheet. I would buy ones with no sticky side. Mine came from Dollar Tree, but one side is sticky.
  8. Glue. I used gorilla glue
  9. Marker or paint for lines and dots on gram cracker
  10. Optional: ribbon and maybe even a hook to make these into ornaments


  1. Paint squares if needed and let them dry.
  2. Get my different face designs from my shop or my Etsy. Apply vinyl faces to squares/cubes. You can also paint your faces on.
  3. Mix mod podge and a small amount of paint and paint on melting chocolate.
  4. Cut cork sheets to size and apply to top and bottom of some or all of your marshmallows. Draw lines and dots on top of cork sheet to mimic gram cracker.

I started off by painting my wood blocks white. I just used acrylic paint for this and some areas needed two coats of paint depending on the wood. A chalk paint would also work well to cover the wood. Some of my wood cubes probably needed to be sanded down a little, but I do not like to sand and just painted over the rough areas. I put the rough areas as the bottom or the top (will be covered up later on) of my marshmallows. Some of the rough areas I applied my paint in a dabbing motion to get the paint into the little grooves.

marshmallow and smore faces

Once my paint was dry, I went to my Cricut machine (any of the Cricut machines or any machine that can cut vinyl will work). I have the face files in my Etsy shop as well as my shop here on my website. When you add the files to your Cricut Design Space (or other program to cut) just make sure they fit the piece you will be putting them on. You can resize these pieces by clicking the height or width and changing the numbers at the top middle of the page. If the lock is closed, then the height and width will change together, which is what you want. I used permeant vinyl on a green standard mat. I used my fine point blade (the one that comes with the machines) and used the permanent vinyl setting, which I always like to change to more pressure to insure clean cuts all the way through. Your settings may very a little depending on the type of vinyl you use. Removable and HTV (iron on) vinyl would also work. I did not want to try and iron on these very small pieces or get an iron out. That is why I chose permanent vinyl.

marshmallow and smore faces

If you do not have a machine that can cut out vinyl, then you can use a marker and/or paint to add your faces to your cubes. Since my cubes were so small I actually painted on the pink cheeks to my marshmallows.

marshmallow and smore faces
I hand painted the cheeks on these three only.

Now to add the chocolate drizzle. In my files I provide some chocolate drizzles you could use, but I find painting on the drizzles myself is more fun and looks more realistic. To make my chocolate drizzle I added a little dark brown acrylic paint to some glossy mod podge. I mixed the paint and mod podge together in a painting pallet. I then took a small brush and painted on my chocolate drizzles. I found these rubber paint brushes, which work great for this. They are also easy to clean, and the mod podge does not ruin a brush. I just paint the chocolate dripping down randomly at different lengths. Note the brown will look darker once it is dry. Once your chocolate drizzle is dry, if it is not as puffy as you would like it to be or as shiny, then apply a second layer directly over the first, but this time add more mod podge and less paint. You really do not need much paint.

If you want to add a gram cracker top to your marshmallow, then you do not have to cover the entire top of your marshmallow with the mod podge and paint mixture. You just need to do the the edges, since the top will be covered up,  but you can if you want to.

marshmallow and smore faces

I added gram crackers to some of my marshmallows. I found a sheet of cork board at Dollar Tree. It had a sticky side, which is not ideal for this project, but it works. I placed my marshmallow guy over my cork to get a rough estimate of how large I wanted my gram cracks to be. I then used a pair of scissors to cut out my cork sheet. I then took that first piece and placed it over the rest of my cork sheet and cut around it. This allowed me to make both the top and bottom of my gram cracks the same size. I then took a brown marker and drew on some dash line, similarly to a gram cracker. I think the lighter brown looked better than the darker brown, but still not as realistic as I would like. I do like it better with the lines than no lines at all though. I only made the lines on the top gram cracker, because the lines would not show on the bottom piece.

marshmallow and smore faces

Since my cork gram crackers had a sticky bottom, I just peeled off the plastic from the bottom and placed the sticky side directly on top of my marshmallow. Since some of the gram cracker sticks over the edges of my marshmallow, the sticky part of the cork can get dirt and things stuck to it as it is used. To fix this you can stick two piece of the cork together, which will make it thicker, but also cover up the sticky part. If your cork does not have a sticky side, then you can simply glue it directly onto your marshmallow. You could also use double sided sticky dots/strips if you want. I put the sticky side down on the bottom gram cracker, and covered up the sticky side by cutting a piece of cardboard and attaching it. On another marshmallow I left the plastic piece that covers up the sticky part on. You could also double up the piece of cork sheets for the bottom as well. If your cork is not sticky on the bottom, then you do not have to worry about this, but glue it directly onto your marshmallow.

I also found these white foam dice (I never saw them in stores, so I ordered them online) at Dollar Tree. It was nice not to have to paint them white. If you can not fine white foam cubes, then you can cover the foam cube with two white balloons. I did this when I made a white bunny for Easter on year. You can find that tutorial by clicking here. I did the exact same steps for the foam cubes as I did for the smaller wood cubes. I did notice the foam did something to the mod podge mixture and once the chocolate drips dried, I just needed to go over them again with the same mixture. The foam made them look a little rough once they dried, but they looked fine if you put the second coat on them.

There are lots of different things you could use to make these fun marshmallow/smores. I personally like items that have a soft rounded edge, verses sharp corners/edges. You can make them as big or small as you want. You can also have a mixture of different sizes. These would make for a fun hot chocolate themed tier tray with the hot chocolate mugs I made earlier. You can find those by clicking here. I used the same file I used to make these, but just changed the size to fit my mugs. You could even add a ribbon to turn them into ornaments. You could simply glue the ribbon to the top of your marshmallow. I would use a strong glue like gorilla glue. You could drill a small hole in the top of your marshmallow and feed the ribbon with some glue down into the small hole you made. You could also twist one of these small hooks into your marshmallow’s head and feed the ribbon through the hook. I would love to see all the marshmallow/smores you make and how you decorate with them.

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