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Mandala Painting


  1. Stencil. The one I used is from Dollar Tree. You can also make your own. Check out my other post or YouTube video to learn more about how to create and cut out your own stencil.
  2. Canvas. I used a 5×7 canvas from Dollar Tree.
  3. Paint.
  4. Paint brushes. I recommend a stiff bristle paint brush for the stencil.
  5. Tape. I used blue painters tape, because that is what I had on hand. You can use other similar types of tape.


  1. Choose your color palette/paints.
  2. Blend colors onto canvas. Try not to think about it too much and just enjoy applying paint.

3. My canvas dried very quickly, but if you applied a lot of paint, then you may need to wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step.

4. Place your stencil on your canvas, then place a few pieces of tape to help keep your stencil in place.

5. Use a stiff bristle paint brush and an up and down dabbing motion to fill in your stencil. Do not get too much paint on your paintbrush either. You can always wipe some extra paint off before applying it to your stencil.

6. Remove the stencil and tape it down in other areas of your canvas if you wish and repeat step 5.

7. Remove the stencil and clean it with water. The paint will come off easily if the paint is still wet. If the paint has dried, then use a bristle brush to help rub off the dried on paint. It came off fairly easily with the bristle brush. The longer you wait to clean your stencil, the harder it will be to get the paint off and it will start to stain your stencil. If you cannot get the paint off your stencil or it has stained your stencil, then that is okay. The dried paint should not affect your next project, unless you get your stencil very wet before or during using it.

This project was very relaxing. I enjoy painting especially when I do not have to think too much about it. It was also a fairly quick project to make. It is perfect for when you just want to relax and work on a simple project. The best part is that the supplies are inexpensive, so if you do not like your project, then you can paint over it once it is dry or just grab another canvas and start over. Also, I was not sure I liked my blend of colors on my canvas, but the gold mandala covers over a good portion of it. So, you do not notice the areas you were unsure of once you apply your stencil design on top. Do you find painting to be relaxing?

How To Make Your Own Stencil:

Refer to my full-length post and/or video for more in depth information.

  • In Cricut Design Space, place a shape over your design. Then select your design and the shape and hit slice. Delete extra pieces you do not need.
  • Make your stencil out of a thin plastic.  0.007 thick craft plastic or acetate work well.

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