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Making Felt Flowers And Greenery


  1. Felt you could also make these designs out of cardstock (I have not personally used the felt linked below)
  2. Hot glue gun and glue
  3. Floral wire I used 18 gauge. I recommend one that is green/wrapped in green
  4. Wire cutters to cut the floral wire. (I have not personally used these wire cutters linked below. I could not find a link to the exact ones I use, but these should get the job done.)
  5. A way to cut your felt. You can print the design out and then cut it by hand with scissors or use a Cricut machine or other similar machine and have it cut it out for you.
  6. You may also need some scissors to help cut any loose threads of felt.
  7. Optional: bunny tray from target bullseye playground
  8. My design which you can find here:

You will need to start off by making sure my design is the right size for what you want and that the measurements did not get changed during the uploading and downloading. For the flower I made My smaller flower petals were about 0.75 inches wide and about 1 inch tall. My larger petals were about 1 inch wide and 1.274 inches tall. You can size these up or down depending on how big you want your flower to be. I would not recommend sizing the petals down to much more than this though. You can also add more or less flower petals to make your flower larger or smaller. For the strand of leaves I made mine about 4.5 inches wide and 4.363 inches tall. For the individual leave I made 3 different sizes. You could choose which sizes you would like to use. In my example I used all three sizes. Feel free to duplicate some if you need more.  My smallest leaf was 0.233 inches wide and 0.377 inches tall. I do not recommend sizing this leaf down any more. It was already pretty small. The middle size leaf was about 0.52 inches wide and 0.87 inches tall. My largest leaf was about 0.7 inches wide and 1.143 inches tall. I placed these leaves on a floral stem, but you could also use them individually and place them around flowers.

I used my Cricut Maker to cut my felt. I like to use the rotary blade to cut felt, but the fine point tip (the blade that comes with the Cricut machine) would also work. The Cricut explorer air series can also cut felt. In fact if you select the felt setting the Cricut Maker will not let you switch to the rotary blade. So, I selected the wool felt setting in order to change my blade to the rotary blade. The rotary blade only works in the Cricut Maker series and comes with the original Cricut Maker model. You will have to purchase it separately in the Cricut Maker 3 model. I also used the pink mat and selected more pressure.

felt flower and greenery

I also tested 3 different types of felt to see which one cut the best. I used the same settings and only one pass for all 3 types of felt. I first did the cheapest felt from JoAnn Fabrics. It is about the same quality as the felt from Dollar Tree. I cut out my pink flower petals with this felt. It mostly cut it all the way out with just a few strands needing to be trimmed with my scissors. I then cut my individual leaves out of a felt I picked up from Michaels. It was a bit stiffer than the first felt I tried. It needed a little more cut out than the first felt. The dark green color also made it a little harder to see where to follow my cut lines, but it was not too bad. For my last piece of felt I did a stiff more expensive felt from JoAnn Fabrics. This one required a lot of extra cutting by hand with my scissors. It was also difficult to see the cut lines to follow because of the dark color of the felt. I would like to test how well this cuts if I did multiple passes. With just one pass with the rotary blade the cheapest Joann Fabrics pink felt was the easiest to cut out. The other two felts would need multiple passes because they are thicker. The thickness of the felts did not seem to make any difference when I assembled the felt pieces. They were all equally easy to work with and assemble. When I placed my felts over my phone the light showed through the thinnest pink felt the most and did not show through the thickest forest green felt at all.

With all the pieces cut out, it is time to assemble. I like to use a thin tip hot glue gun to help me be more precise with my glue and to not have glue showing everywhere. For the leaf strand even though I used a stiff felt, it was pretty floppy and needed a little extra support. I took a floral wire and bent it with the curves of my pattern. I then applied some hot glue to glue it onto the stem portion of my piece. You could also cut and apply the floral wire to the backs of the leaves, but I did not think it needed it. I also liked my leaves being a little more loose and free to move. I then used my wire cutters to trim off the extra floral wire. I did this to both pieces, and then applied hot glue to the back to attach it to my bunny frame. Make sure you apply your floral wire to the correct side of your pieces. Adding this floral wire gave my piece the support it needed. The floral wire is hidden in the back nicely, but I recommend using a green floral wire just in case a piece of it shows. You can also bend this to shape it to your liking.

felt flower and greenery

I also included in my design some individual leaves. You could use them as individual leaves and add them to a few flowers. I also showed how you can add them to a floral wire for a completely different look. First, I recommend applying a dot of glue to the end of your leaf, then pinching it together with your fingers. I did this to all of my leaves. You can choose which end you want to be the top and which to be the bottom. It just helps to give them a little more dimension. The two small leaves where to small to do this to, so I just bent them around the tip of my floral wire. I then started adding the middle size leaves around my floral stem. You can pair them up and apply two leaves together down your stem or space them out and apply them in different sides of the floral wire, like I did/show. Just keep doing this until your piece is the desired length. Do not forget to add a few larger leaves at the very end if you choose too. This technique and design would be nice in a flower vase with other felt flowers or placed around objects. With the floral wire you can also bend it how you would like.

For the flower I started with the inside and worked my way out. For the very center I took two of my smaller petals and folded them in half, then glued them together. This is easier to see in the video below. For the rest of my petals I applied a dot of hot glue at the bottom of my petal, then pinched it together with my fingers. This adds some more depth to my petals. I then glued 4 small petals around the center. I applied glue only to the bottom of the petals. This allows the top of the petals to move freely. I then glued the next layer of small petals behind the first layer of petals, but make sure to place the second layer between the gaps of the previous layer. For my third layer I used my larger petals. I glued them behind my second layer, but made sure they were offset from the previous layer. Continue glue flowers like this until you are happy with your flower and its size. I used all the petals in my design, but feel free to duplicate petals and make more if you would like your flower to be larger. I then applied hot glue directly to the back of my flower and placed it on my bunny tray. The tips of the petals can be moved a bit with your fingers if needed.

I am very happy with how this flower came together. I think it is very pretty. I will definitely be using this design in future projects. Even the leaves and greenery are very nice and fit this bunny tray so well. I have seen people also wrap the white part of the bunny tray with burlap, but I decided to leave the white showing. Now to decide what to place on the tray. Have you seen or purchased this bunny tray from Target? I would love to see how you decorated your bunny tray.

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