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How To Make A Scarecrow Out Of Terra Cotta Pots


  1. 4 small terra cotta pots  
  1. 2 medium terra cotta pots  
  1. Hot glue and glue gun  
  1. Raffia  
  1. Twine  
  1. Burlap  
  1. Paint and paint brush  
  1. Scissors  

I started out by feeding the twine through one of my small terra cotta pots and tying a knot at the end. This prevented the twine from coming back through the hole. One of my terra cotta pots had a larger hole in the bottom, so I needed to tie a few knots and apply hot glue to hold it in place. I then placed the smaller terra cotta pot next to my medium size one to determine how long I wanted his leg to be, and cut the twine accordingly.  You will need to make sure you leave some extra to glue the twine to the inside of his body.  

I did a similar step for his arms, but decided to leave the two arms attached. So, one large twine connected both the smaller terra cotta pots. This twine in between both smaller terra cotta pots was then hot glued to the body (medium terra cotta pot).  


For the face I decided to wrap it in burlap. My burlap was longer than my medium size terra cotta pot. So, I hot glued it around my terra cotta pot first, then cut off the extra at the end. I then used a sharpie to draw a simple face on to my burlap. I then went over the face with some acrylic paint. I found a dabbing up and down motion worked best vs the typical swiping motion. The up and down dabbing motion helped the paint to get into the burlap. I tried a few different eyes and even changed his nose to orange.  


I then added patches of scrap burlap on my scarecrow. I decided I did not like the one on his head, but you could also add a bow or flower if you wish. I had some maroon burlap that looked nice against the brown burlap. I made one patch on his stomach, and another on one of his legs. Feel free to add patches and other decorations as you wish.  

I then applied hot glue around the inside of each of the feet and hands and applied raffia. This was very time consuming. I placed chunks of the raffia at a time, and used my scissors to cut any long pieces or pieces that were connected. I also did this for the inside of the scarecrow’s head. Once that was all finished, I placed more raffia around the scarecrow’s neck (the top of the medium terra cotta pot). I then applied a good amount of hot glue on top of the raffia around his neck and placed the second medium terra cotta pot (his head) on top. 

I was very impressed with how well the hot glue held. I moved this little guy around a lot and everything held in place well. With the long dangling legs and arms, you can manipulate him in many of different ways. I even gave him a little attitude, which was fun. This did take some time to make, but it was not too difficult to do. I am also very happy with how cute he turned out. I thought about making a girl, but maybe that will be for next year. I am not sure how I want to make breaded hair for a girl scarecrow yet.  

I felt like I had a little mini photo shoot with my scarecrow, especially when I was going back through all my pictures and trying to pick out the best ones. He is so cute it was very difficult to pick just a few.

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