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Make Presents Out Of Wooden Blocks


  1. Wooden blocks.  I had some scrap pieces of wood that I got my wooden blocks from. Mine are also a bit different in size and shape, which makes them fun.  You can also buy wooden blocks from craft stores or Amazon.
  1. Paint.  I used acrylic paint.   
  1. Ribbons, washi tape, greenery, bells, or any other material to decorate your presents.   
  1. You may need glue to attach your bows and other decorations.   

I started out by picking out the blocks that worked best for my set up.  I wanted my presents to fit inside the sleigh I made.  I have the SVG file of this sleigh in my shop if you would like to purchase it and make your own.  Then I decided how I wanted to paint and decorate each present.  I had a few different styles of presents I wanted to make.  So, I made more than would fit in my sleigh.  

Once I figured out my plan for my presents, I started to paint them.  I painted all sides of my wood blocks, because I do not like to leave the bottom undone.  I did do two coats of paint on the white presents and in a few areas of the red.   

Now is the fun part.  It is time to add the decorations to each present.   

wooden block presents

The first present I painted all white.  I then took a stamp of a snowflake I had.  I took my rose gold and a paint brush, and painted the stamp.  I then stamped the white wooden block in random areas.  I reapplied the paint to the stamp after each stamp.  I then did the same thing, but with gold acrylic paint.  I let this dry, then attached a matching ribbon around the block.  I wrapped my ribbon around the block to measure how much ribbon I needed.  You will need two strips of ribbon.  I only applied glue to the bottom where all the ribbons come together.  I did a little gorilla glue, which is probably over kill, and some Elmer’s glue.  The Elmer’s glue was used to hold the ribbons in place till the gorilla glue had time to dry.  I did not want to use hot glue here, because I did not want the glue to make the bottom of my present uneven.  I wanted my glue to be flat.  Once your ribbon strips are glued down, you can make a bow for the top of your present.  Then this present is finished.  

wooden block presents

The next present is the other white block.  For this one I painted the entire block white and let it dry.  Once it was dry, I wrapped a piece of washi tape I had around the block.  I did not cover the bottom of the present with the washi tape.  I then did this for the other sides of the present.  I then made a little bow out of some blue ribbon for the top of my present.  You could also add some little pok-a-dots if you thought this one was a little plain.   

As for my bow here are the steps I took to make it. In the pictures I did not use enough ribbon. So, in the end I only had about two loops on each side. So, I redid the bow, but in the same technique, just with more ribbon, which meant more loops.

wooden block presents

For the smallest present I painted the entire block red.  Once this layer of paint was dry, I used a tool, see picture below, to make small dots all over the block.  I then made a little green bow to go on top.  I made the ends of the bow long and glued them to the sides of the present. I did not wrap this present because it was so small and cute as is.   

wooden block presents

Now for the big red present.  I started off by painting the entire block red and allowed it to dry.  I had some buffalo plaid ribbon, but it was way too thick for my little block.  So, I decided to wrap this block in a plaid washi tape I had instead.  Since I could not make a nice bow with the washi tape, and my plaid ribbon was too big I decided to just add some greenery and bells to decorate the top of my present instead of a bow.  I could have possibly cut my plaid ribbon down to size to make a bow, but that seemed like it might be troublesome.  I also was worried about the ends fraying from being cut.  I know you can burn the edges to keep them from fraying, but again it seemed too troublesome.  Plus, I really like these little red bells I got from Joann Fabrics and wanted to use them.  I used hot glue to glue down the greenery and bells.   

wooden block presents

The last present is the one with music notes.  I started off by painting the entire block a dark brown.  I probably did not need to do this, but just wanted to make sure nothing showed.  I also only did one coat of paint for this block, and was not too worried about any wood that might have shown through in places.  I then roughly measured the size of cardstock I would want for each size.  I did not want my cardstock to go completely to the edges of the block.  I just used a ruler and some scissors to cut out my cardstock pieces.  I did not make one for the bottom of the block.  I am not the best at cutting straight, but I think that will be okay for this piece.  I then took some mod podge and my plastic brush and applied the mod podge directly to the wood.  I placed my piece of cardstock in place, and applied another coat of mod podge directly over the cardstock.  Once this dried, I dry brushed some of my dark brown acrylic paint around all of the edges of the cardstock. I found an up and down motion with a rougher bristle paint brush worked best for me. Then I added some greenery and red bells with hot glue.   

wooden block presents

I just love how these turned out. There are so many different ways you can decorate these wooden presents.  So, have fun with it and share with us your designs.  You can also attach a ribbon or string to make these into ornaments.   The red sleigh in the pictures is my own SVG file I created. You can purchase this SVG file to make your own sleigh in my shop, which you can find by clicking here.

Make sure you click here to see how I made these presents.

DIY presents

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