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Learn How To Make An Ornament Wreath


  1. Floral foam wreath of your desired size (one with rounded edges) I purchased mine from a craft store.   
  1. Hot glue gun and glue  
  1. Lots of ornaments (I recommend the plastic ones) It is good to have some different size ornaments.  The small ones are nice to fill in gaps.  
  1. Ribbon for a bow and to hang it  

I started out by laying my big ornaments around the outside and inside of my foam wreath.  This allowed me to see the pattern I wanted, and to insure I did not have too many of the same type of bulbs next to each other.   

Once I had a rough idea of my design, I turned on my hot glue gun.  This project requires a lot of hot glue.  So, make sure you have plenty on hand.  Depending on the look/style you may want to pay attention to how you glue your ornaments down.  I did not want the tops of my ornaments showing.  So, I made sure they were always glued down to the foam wreath so they did not show.  I also glued the big ornaments in a slightly offset pattern so they were not to uniform.  I glued each ornament to the foam wreath as well as the ornament or ornaments it might touch.   

ornament wreath

This project takes a lot of time and gluing, but the results are worth it.  Continue to glue the larger ornaments around your wreath.  Once the larger ornaments are glued into place stop and look at your piece.  Look where you have gaps and start filling them in with your smaller ornaments or even some big ones if it is a larger gap.  I recommend just placing the ornaments into the gaps first before gluing more down.  I ended up moving some before I glued them down.  Once you are happy with how things are looking you can start gluing the ornaments to fill the gaps.  Glue these ornaments to every ornament they might touch.   

Back of wreath

The last step is to attach the ribbon to hang your wreath.  I wrapped the ribbon around my wreath, then tied a double knot at the top and cut off the extra ribbon.  I then made a separate bow with my ribbon.  I am not great at making bows.  So, I do not have any great advice for you here.  I just made a simple bow. Once I was happy with my bow, I hot glued the back of the bow to the double knot I made in the ribbon attached to the wreath.  This hides the double knot.   This was enough to hold my wreath since the foam wreath and ornaments were all pretty light.  I also found a plastic wreath case to store my wreath when Christmas is over. 

ornament wreath

Feel free to add extra decoration and embellishments to your wreath.  I kept mine simple.  I have made a few of these wreaths for different family members.  Here are a few pictures of the ones I have made.   On some of these I added silver beads. I wrapped them around the entire wreath and hot glued them to the foam wreath on the back side. I thought about putting the silver beads on the blue wreath, which I kept for myself, but decided I liked it better without for this color scheme.

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