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Learn How To Make An Easy Interchangeable Wreath


  1. Wreath from. I am using a grapevine wreath form that is 12 inches.
  2. Felt balls in an assortment of colors and sizes. You will need sets of 5 matching colors and size per flower as well as a a different color for the center.
  3. Wired wrap berry string or binding wire. I bought this from Dollar Tree.
  4. Wire cutters and/or scissors
  5. Hot glue and glue gun
  6. Ribbon to hang wreath from
  7. Optional: My felt Easter pieces I made, which you can find here.


1. If you made the previous Valentine’s Day wreath, then start by removing the Valentine’s Day piece by untwisting the wires holding it onto your wreath form as well as the ribbon used to hang it.

2. Measure and cut your wire wrapped berry string so that it fits around your wreath form. Twist the two ends of your wire wrapped berry string together.

3. Paint berries if needed to get your desired colors. You may need to apply multiple coats.

4. Use hot glue to glue 5 of the same color and size felt balls around your different color center felt ball. You can make the center felt ball smaller, the same size, or larger than the 5 being used as the petals.

5. Repeat step 4 for all of your flowers.

6. Use hot glue to glue your felt flowers to your wire wrap. I recommend gluing on the wire so you do not have extra glue seeping over the edges or on your work surface. I also recommend gluing flowers directly over the berries so they have a little more surface area to adhere too. Once flowers are attached you may want to go back and apply extra hot glue over the wire and berries to make sure your flowers are attached well. If you want your flowers to be removable from the wire berries, then you would wrap them with wire instead of using the hot glue.

7. Use your 22 gauge wire to secure your wire wrapped berry string to your wreath form. You could glue it directly to your wreath from, but this method allows you to change it out for the different holidays.

8. Cut and tie a ribbon to hang your wreath from.

9. To hang this wreath place a hook upside down on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door. Then hook the wreath to this hook.

10. Add Easter pieces as desired, then remove them when Easter is over, but keep the flowers up all spring.

This wreath took a lot less time to make than the Valentine’s Day wreath did. I love how versatile it is to switch it out for the different seasons and holidays. The extra pieces do not take up much storage space either which is always nice.

You could also make different flowers if you do not like the ones I made. I almost made Sakura flowers, but though I made enough pieces with those flowers already this year, and that I should switch it up. I have shown you how to make other felt flower, which you can find some here. All of these could be made for these wreaths. You could also attach silk flowers to the berry wire as well. Have fun and get creative with it. Also make sure to share your wreaths on our Facebook page to help inspire others.

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