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Learn How To Make A Wired Tree With Crystals


  1. 28 gauge wire in the color of your choice.  
  1. Stones or small beads with holes in the colors of your choice  
  1. A base for your tree.  This can be a small pot like I did, or you can attach it to a larger stone, in which you will need some glue.  
  1. Hot glue and glue gun.  
  1. Wire cutters 

The first step is to measure out some wire.  I made mine 15 inches long.  This was a little small, but it worked.  If you want to make a larger tree, then you will definitely need to cut larger strips of wire.  I cut my wire as needed.   

Learn How To Make A Wired Tree With Crystals

I then slid one stone onto my wire I cut.  I moved the stone all the way to the middle of my wire, and then twisted the wire to hold the stone in place. 

I then picked on end of the wire and slid another stone on to it.  Keep this second stone a little distance from the trunk of the tree you are making and twist the wire to hold the stone into place.  Try to twist your wire in the same direction every time so you do not undo another section.  The distance you place the stones from the main branch depends on the look you want.  Since my tree was going to be pretty small, I kept them all pretty close.  

Depending on the size tree you will be making depends on how many stones you will want to attach to each branch section.  I made most of my branches with 4 stones in them, but I also made a few with only three to make it a little different.  Also try to use both ends of the wire when adding stones so one side is not significantly smaller than the other end.   

Once you have a few branches done, you just twist them together in a location you like.  It is best to separate the bottom/end wires and mix them with the end wires of the second branch, then twist them together.  If you do not intertwine the wires before twisting them together, then the two wires will not intertwine as well/be less stable.   

You just keep adding until you are happy with your tree, just make sure to leave enough wire at the end for the roots or to attach the tree to a pot of bigger stone.  I made two chunks or branches and then combined these two together.  

Once you are happy with your tree it is time to attach it to your base.  I was going to attempt to make twisting roots that would attach to a larger stone, but since some of my wires were too short, it did not work well.  I separated out the roots into sections and twisted the sections together.  However, when I twisted the sections together the shorter wires poked out and I did not like how the roots were looking.  

 I then decided to just put my tree into this small pot I had.  It was already filled with some foam with a hole where I pulled a fake succulent out of for another project I did a while ago.  I cut the root/end wires down to fit into my small pot and to make them more even.  I used wire cutters to do this.  I then applied a good amount of hot glue into the hole and inserted my tree into it.  I held it in place until the glue dried.  I recommend holding it for a little bit, so the tree does not dry crooked.  I then applied hot glue all over the inside of my pot and dropped small green stones into it.  Once the glue dried, I turned the pot over and shook out any extra stones that where not stuck with the hot glue.  I then applied glue in empty spots and individually placed some stones in the empty spots.   

The tree ended up being a little smaller than I was anticipating it to be, but I am very happy with how it turned out.  I was surprised how easy and quick this project was.   I think it is easier to follow what I did, by watching the video I made.

I also made a fall inspired wire tree. Click here to check that one out.

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