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Learn How To Make A Pumpkin Out Of Mason Jar Lids


  1. 16 mason jar lid rings.  You could use more or less depending on how full you want your pumpkin to be.   Amazon sells just the lids and they have a beautiful rose gold color. I was very tempted to buy the rose gold ones, but decided to use what I already had.
  1. Paper or cardstock of your choice of colors  
  1. A paper cutter.  Whatever you want to use to cut your paper into strips.   
  1. Glue or tape to attach the paper strips.  Glue would make them stay better. 
  1. Twine or string (This will not be seen)  
  1. Cinnamon sticks or other item of your choice for the stem.  
  1. Optional leaves, bow, and berries to decorate if desired.  

I started out by lining up my paper along the side of one of the mason jar’s lid.  I then took a pencil and marked how thick my paper strip needed to be.  Next, I used my paper cutter and cut my paper into the needed thickness.  I had two patterned yellow papers and one orange paper.  So, I decided to make half my paper strips orange (8 in total) and then split the other half among the two different yellow papers (4 of each yellow).   

mason jar pumpkin

You could also paint the mason jar lid rings before putting the paper around them if you do not like the silver color of the metal showing through.

Once all of your paper strips are cut out, glue one paper strip to each mason jar lid ring around the side.  Make sure your strip is tight and wrinkle free.  You could also tape the ends down, but this will come off over time and if moved around a lot.  You may want to apply glue in a few spots around the lid as you place the paper strip down.  If your paper strip is longer than the lid ring, then you can either glue down the extra, overlapping the paper strip, or cut off any extra once your strip of paper is glued down.   

Once all the paper strips are secured to the lids, feed the lids through your string.  I made sure to place an orange ring in between each yellow lid, and alternated the yellow pattern.  Once all the rings are fed through the string make a double knot and cut off any extra string.  Then spread out the rings to your liking.  This may take a little time to get them to lay just right.   

Lastly place your cinnamon sticks or other item you want to use as a stem along with any extra decorations, like leaves and berries to your pumpkin.  I decided to keep it simple and just stick three cinnamon sticks all the way through the center of my pumpkin.  I did not glue these down, but you could if you wanted too.  The cinnamon sticks are also nice because they also let off a nice smell.  I also took a picture to see what a single leaf would look like on my pumpkin.  I will let you decided if you like it better with or without the leaf.  Let me know in the comments.   

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