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Learn How To Make A Beautiful Birthday Card

You can find the design I made for this card in my free library.  If you already have the password, then click here.  If you need the password to get access to my free library, then click here.   I did not include the Happy Birthday letters in my design itself, so you could change this card up for other occasions.  This means you will need to do a few steps to add the words to the card, but do not worry I will walk you through the steps.   

You will need to upload my design into Cricut Design Space. If you need help uploading the design to Cricut Design Space, then click here to read my post about how to do this.   

Once you have the design up, you will want to hit ungroup, in the upper right hand corner.  Next, you will want to click shapes, then select the square.  Now we want to resize the square.  We will be making the square into a rectangle.  So, you will want to click on the lock symbol in the size section (top middle of page).  If the lock is closed, then one side will change with the other.  When the lock is open, then you can change one diminution independently of the other.  In order to make our square into a rectangle we need the lock open.  Remember this is the entire card, not just the front of the card.  I made my card 6 inch wide by 8 inches high.  You can change the color of your rectangle if you want.  This is just to help you visualize how your card will look.  To change the color, click on the small gray box just to the right of the operation and basic cut drop down tab (top left of page).  Then select the color you want your card to be.  I selected a dark blue for mine.  This card is going to be sent to my best friend, and her favorite color is blue.   

birthday card

Now, select the white rectangle with the shapes at the top and bottom.  Since I made the card 6 inches wide, I want to also make this piece 6 inches wide.  Since the lock symbol is closed the height will change accordingly.  If you are keeping your measurements the same as mine, then your height for this piece should have changed to be about 4 inches high, which is half the height of the rectangle.  Now click arrange, move to front.  This will make this white piece show in front of the rectangle.   

Lets add the score line next.  This tells your Cricut machine to make a line in your design, so it is easy to fold.  This will take the guess work out of trying to make a straight fold in the middle of your card.  Click shapes, then click score line. You will need to rotate the score line so that it is horizontal.  Just click on the circular arrow, while holding down on this rotate the piece.  You can use the grid line on the page to help make it completely horizontal.  Since our card is 6 inches wide, we will need to also make the score line 6 inches long or in this case the height.  Type in 6 in the height section, then click enter.   

birthday card

Now we want to place this score line in the correct location on our card.  To do this select the score line, and the big rectangle, mine is blue.  You can select both pieces by holding down the shift key as you click on both pieces you want to select.  You can also click on your screen and while holding down the left mouse button go over the two pieces you want to select.  With this method you have to make sure you only select the two pieces you want, and that other pieces do not get in the way.  Next, click align, center horizontally.  Then click align again, but this time click center vertically.  You could also just select align, center.  With the Big rectangle and score line aligned and selected, you will want to click attach, bottom right of page.  This is very important.  If you forget this step, then these two pieces will be separated when you go to make your card.  We want our score line, where we need to fold our card, to be in this exact location when it is made.  It does not help us if it is not on our card.   

You can either use the Happy Birthday letters I used, or make your own.  If you want a different font or words, then click text and type in what you want it to say.  Then select the type of font you want from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the page.  Once you have the words and font selected you will want to move them to the front of your design so they can be seen.  To do this click on the words, then click arrange, send to front. Now move your letters over to your card, and use the double arrows to size your letters to your liking.  Next you want to make sure your letters are aligned.  Select the letters and the white rectangle and click align, center.   

Now select your words and hit ungroup.  You will then have to select each individual letter and the white rectangle and then select slice.  Then select the white rectangle and click arrange, send to back. Now click the next letter, shift key, the white rectangle piece, slice.  Then select the white rectangle piece, arrange, send to back.  Just keep repeating this process until you have done this with all the letters.  This is cutting the letters out of the white rectangle piece.  You can delete all the left over black letters when you are finished.   

Now it is time to align the two rectangle pieces. First click the white rectangle piece and click arrange, send to front.  This will make it appear in front of the big rectangle so we can see it when it gets moved.  Click on the big rectangle (mine is blue) and hold the shift key down as you click on the white rectangle. This will select both pieces.  With both pieces selected click align, central horizontally.  Now click align again, but this time click align bottom, since we want the piece to only go on the front of the card, not in the middle where we will fold it.   

birthday card

I finished my card with some gold washi tape.  If you do not have this, then you can make some lines on your card and cut them out of cardstock to glue on.  To make these lines, select shape, square.  Now, open the lock in the size box.  Change the width of the square to 6 inches wide or however long you made your card.  Next, click on the multi arrow button next to your square and change the size of your square to look like a line.  You can make this as thin or thick as you would like.  If you change the width of the square, it is okay you can always change it back to the 6 inches later.  A 0.153 inch high line may look nice, to give you a place to start.  Once you are happy with how thick your line is select your line and then right click on it.  Then select duplicate.  This will insure your two lines are the same thickness.  

birthday card

 One line goes above your letters, and the other goes below your letters, but feel free to place your lines however you like.  You could place two or three lines just below your letters.  You could even make the lines not go all the way to the edge of your card.  You can align everything if you wish, to help you visualize your card, but it is not necessary.  When you go to make this card, these pieces will get put on separate mats from the rest of your card.  You can also change the colors around to help you see what color combinations will look best.   

birthday card

Once everything is to your liking, it is time to make your card.  The assembly is not too difficult.  You will want to fold your card on the score line.  Then apply some Elmer’s glue to the back of the rectangular piece with the pattern and word cut outs, and attach it to the front of your card.  Then add some washi tape or the cardstock strips you made in your desired location with a little Elmer’s glue.  You can place a flat object on top of your card to help keep everything pressed down and flat as it dries.  Elmer’s glue tends to dry pretty quickly.  If you would like an envelope for your card there are several to choose from in Design Space.  Just pick one you like and follow their instructions to make it.  Just make sure to size it accordingly.  Envelopes are pretty easy to make and just require a little bit of Elmer’s glue.   After I cut out my card I noticed my blade had some stuff stuck to it. So, my cuts were not as clean as I would have like then to be. I stabbed an aluminum foil ball with my blade a few times to clean it off. Also with the font I chose I had to save and individually glue in some of the centers of my letters. Something to keep in mind when selecting a font to use.

This may seem like a lot of steps, but I really wanted to walk you through each and every step.  It should not take you to long to follow all of these steps.  The nice thing about this card is that it can look like a completely different card with just a few changes in words and/or colors.  So, you can keep using it over and over.  I am happy with how mine turned out, and I think my friend is really going to love it.  I used double sided card stock to make my card.  So, the inside of my card is a greenish color.   

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