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I Made A Pumpkin Out Of Wine Corks


  1. 24 wine corks.  If they are stained from the wine that is even better.  If you do not have any wine corks laying around, you can actually buy some from Amazon.
  1. Hot glue gun and glue  
  1. Stem.  I used a piece of branch I got from outside and cut down to size.  
  1. Leaf, berries, and other items you want to decorate with.  

I started off by arranging my wine corks.  I did not want to put to many of the same colors or types together.  I liked that some of my wine corks were smaller than others.  When arranging your configuration, you will need the bottom row to contain 4 wine corks.  The next layer will contain 5 wine corks, then 6 wine corks, then back down to 5 wine corks, and lastly 4 wine corks at the very top.  If some of the wine corks are a bit torn up and thus do not stand up well, that is okay.  Once they are glued together you will never know.   

wine cork pumpkin

I faced the wine stained part of the wine corks towards the front.  If you do not have any wine stained wine corks, then you could paint the ends.  If you paint the ends you could completely paint the ends ins in your desired color or colors, or you could try to dry brush the color on to try and make them look like they are wine stained. You could also cut small circles, either by hand, with a Cricut, or a punch out, and glue each of the different circle cardstock pieces onto each of the wine corks.   

Once all of my wine corks were aligned to my liking and ready to go, I turned my hot glue gun on.  I started with the bottom row of 4 wine corks first.  I started with one end and glued each one together.  I then went back and applied more hot glue where I felt it was needed.  When doing so I was working on a flat surface and used that to help align my wine corks.  If you want all of your wine corks to look like they are the same size, then you may want to work upside down, so that the flat surface will help keep your wine corks the same height at the front.   

For the second row I glued these in between the wine corks from the first row.  I then continued with the next row and kept working my way up until I was finished.  Not all of the wine corks will touch every surrounding wine cork, but that was okay.  It was still very sturdy.  Just apply extra glue where it looks like it might be needed as you go.  

wine cork pumpkin

Once my pumpkin was finished, I applied a lot of glue to attach my stick stem.  I used a lot of glue here to fill in the gap between my wine stem and the wine corks.  At this point I was not sure how I felt about my pumpkin, but I am glad I did not give up on it, and finished it.  I also realized I glued one wine cork on backwards.  No one else would probably notice unless I pointed it out to them, but it bothers me a little, especially since it was one of the deep dark purple colors I like the best.  The one I glued backwards is in the center of the pumpkin and I did not want to attempt to take the entire piece apart to fix it.   

wine cork pumpkin

For my decorations at the top I used a bright orange and yellow silk leaf I had.  It was a little big for my pumpkin, so I trimmed off some of the bottom with some scissors. I also had this berry garland I plan to use for another project.  I purchased it from dollar tree if you are interested in it.  There is a wire in it, which was nice for making these curly at the end.  I wrapped the ends around a pen to make the curls at the end.  I then used my hands to manipulate the garland berries to my liking around the stem.  I glued both the garland berries and the silk leaf with my hot glue gun.  Be careful when gluing down the silk leaf because the heat from the hot glue can be felt through the leaf.   So, I recommend using something besides your fingers to press the leaf down.  Feel free to add additional decretive pieces to your pumpkin.   

I am still pulling off some extra dried glue here and there, but this pumpkin is currently sitting in one of my bathrooms. At first I was not sure if I liked this pumpkin, but as I added the decorative pieces on top and see it everyday, I like it a lot. It is different in a cute way. My boyfriend said it might be one of his favorite fall decor pieces I have made.

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