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I Love You Because…

This makes for a cute wedding gift or just a cute couple’s gift.  It can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf.  Then each day the couple takes turns writing why they love each other on the mirror with a dry erase marker.   


  1. Wood with heart cut out from dollar tree.  This can also be made with a laser printer or Cricut maker if you do not see them at dollar tree.  
  1. Small mirror that fits in the center of the heart.  I also purchased this from dollar tree as well.  I used their square shaped mirror because I already had one on hand.   
  1. Stain.  You can use stain you already have or I bought the stain markers from dollar tree.  They come in a three pack.  I believe there are two different color options to pick from.  They work really well.   
dollar tree wood stain markers
  1. I used my laser printer to burn the letter “I love you because…”  into the dollar tree piece.  If you also do this, then you will need some tape to cover the wood so it does not leave burn marks, unless you want that look.  I used blue painters paint, since that is what I had on hand at the time.  You could also just write it in with a marker or make a vinyl of the words with a Cricut.   
  1. A dry erase marker EXPO 86674K Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 4-Count
  1. Glue.  I recommend clear gorilla glue. Gorilla 7805601 Super Glue, 20 g, 1-Pack
  1. A pair of pliers. These are the ones I have: Cousin Craft & Jewelry Making Tool Kit, 3-Piece
  1. If hanging on a wall, then you will also need brackets for hanging  ARROW 161000 Small Saw Tooth Picture Hangers (Pack of 6)
picture frame hanger

This is what the back of the dollar tree wood piece looks like.  It is meant to have a picture placed in the heart cut out. So, there will be an extra wooden heart cut out we will not be using.   

dollar tree wood heart shaped picture frame

First start off by using a pair of pliers to pull out all of the black tabs in the back.   

Second laser burning the words into the wood.  If you are using one of the alternate methods (hand writing or vinyl) then stain the wood first.  After the letters are burnt into the wood, then remove the tape and stain the wood.  Make sure you get the edges even inside the heart.  Note you may need to let the stain dry and add additional layers as desired.  

Third you will want to glue the mirror to the back of the wood, mirror side down.  So, you will put glue directly on the mirror, but be careful not to place it on areas that will show.  Let this set about 24 hours if using the recommended gorilla glue. 

Lastly attach hanging brackets if desired.  If just placing it on a table, then insert the small wooden stick, that was included, into the hole on the back.  I would recommend writing a response on the mirror before wrapping this piece so the couple knows they are suppose to write on the mirror.  The dry erase marker will wipe off easily from the mirror.    

I love you because mirror DIY

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