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Hydro Dipped (Marbled) Christmas Ornaments


  1. Plastic container you do not mind getting dirty and spray paint on. My container had a plastic liner, which I could just throw away after. My container also stayed clean.
  2. Water.  Not too cold or too hot.  
  3. Item you want to hydro dip. I used a plastic ornament.
  4. A mask so you do not breath in the spray paint. It is also good to do this outside if possible.
  5. Spray paint in various colors.
  6. Plastic stick to attach your ornament to for dipping.
  7. Hot glue and glue gun to attach the plastic stick to the ornament.
  8. Paper to protect your work surface.
  9. Optional: Clear top coat to protect your piece. 


  1. Prepare Your Workspace:
    • Lay down paper or a drop cloth to protect your work surface.
    • Make sure the area is well-ventilated.
  2. Prepare the Ornament:
    • Clean the ornament thoroughly to ensure the paint adheres well.
    • If there are any stickers or labels, remove them.
    • Use hot glue to attach the plastic stick to the inside lip of the ornament. This seems to work best as a slight angle.
  3. Choose Your Colors:
    • Select the acrylic spray paint colors you want to use. Shake each can well before use.
  4. Spray Paint:
    • Spray one color onto the water’s surface. The paint should spread out on the water, unless it is a metalic color.
  5. Repeat with Other Colors:
    • Repeat the process with other colors, spraying each one next to the previous color. You can create patterns or go for a more random look. Keep adding spray paint until the water is no longer visable.
  6. Dip the Ornament:
    • Hold the ornament by the plastic stick and slowly dip it into the water at a slight angle. The paint will adhere to the ornament’s surface. Dip the ornament in and pull it out, do not swirl it around along the top spary paint layer.
  7. Remove Excess Paint:
    • Use the stir stick to collect any excess paint on the water’s surface.
  8. Dry the Ornament:
    • Let the ornament dry completely. This may take a few hours.
  9. Optional Sealing:
    • If you want extra protection, you can spray a clear sealant over the ornament once the paint is completely dry.
  10. Add Finishing touches:
    • Put the ornament top back on your ornament and add a bow and a ribbon to hang it by. You can bend and glue with hot glue the ends of the bow to give your ornament more dimention.

I think hydro dipping is a lot of fun. You never know what you will get. I hydro dipped an egg awhile back. If you would like to see how that turned out or would like more information on hydro dipping, then you should check out that post by clicking here. I added a lot of important tips for hydro dipping there.

I think it would also be fun to do an acrylic pour on an ornament. I think hydro dipping is quicker and less messy, but acrylic pour is a little easier to do. If you would like to learn more about doing an acrylic pour, then make sure to click here to see and learn more about my acrylic pour elephant.

I always seem to do my hydro dipping when it is cold out, which is not ideal for this proccess. Maybe if I try hydro dipping in warmer weather and new cans of spray paint I will get an even better result. I still am happy with how my ornaments turned out though. I saw someone hydro dip a glitter ornament, and it turned out stunning. I was not able to find a glitter ornament without buying an entire pack, at least on a short notice. If you try this technique I recomend trying it with a glitter ornament, then make sure to show us the results in my facebook page or email me.

If there are any areas you are not happy with, do not try to redip your ornament. This will make the surface of your ornament bumpy. You can apply vinyl to your ornament or use your ribbon to help hide any areas you are not happy with.

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