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How To Use Stencils With Alcohol Inks On Glass


  1. alcohol inks and maybe Alloys.. I used Ranger Tim Holtz
  2. Isopropyl alcohol 91% or higher and/or blending solution.
  3. Glass container to apply alcohol inks too. I found some around my house, but Dollar Tree is also a great place to pick up some pieces.
  4. Blending tool/sponge for every color you would like to use.
  5. Cricut machine and tools needed to cut and weed out permanent vinyl or stencil vinyl
  6. gloves
  7. protective spray
  8. UV protective spray
  9. Recommended: glass surface to work on. Use the Isopropyl alcohol to clean the glass after.
  10. Optional: heat gun
  11. If you would like to use my Sakura design, then you can find it in my free library.


1. Measure your glass container/vase and size your design accordingly. If you are using my design, then check out the YouTube channel to see how I made the flowers into a stencil for this design.

2. Apply the first color of alcohol ink to your container. I placed a drop or two of my alcohol ink on to a glass surface then used the blending tool to apply it to my vase in a dabbing motion. I applied my yellow for the tree branch fist.

3. Wait for the alcohol ink to completely dry. It should not take very long. Then place your vinyl directly over the area you applied the alcohol ink to. If an area of your vinyl does not have the alcohol ink under it, lift up your vinyl and apply more alcohol ink, wait for it to dry, then place your vinyl back down.

4. If you do not want your next color to mix with the previous color, then wipe the areas where the alcohol ink is showing with Isopropyl alcohol.

5. Apply your next color to your container. I did my blue layer next and covered my entire container with this blue alcohol ink.

6. Once the blue layer is completely dry place your flower stencils around your vase.

7. Use Isopropyl alcohol in your flower stencils to remove any of the blue background inside. Then apply the pink alcohol ink to the center of each flower stencil. You could add yellow or a darker color to your flowers if you would like.

8. Apply a couple of coats of a protective spray over your piece. Once these layers have dried you will need to spray on a UV protective spray. If you apply the UV protective spray directly to your dried alcohol ink it will remove it. So, make sure to apply a normal protective spray first.

For the smaller vase I applied a drop of my alcohol ink that I mixed with a little Isopropyl alcohol (this helps it move), then rotated my glass until the drop of alcohol was dry and stopped moving. I also used a heat gun to help move the alcohol drop around and dry it.

I then mixed a drop of silver alloyed to my mixture to create a shimmer look to my design. Once I was happy with the blue streaks around my vase, I decided it needed something else. I then took my flower stencils I used for my larger vase and stuck them around my smaller vase. I added a few drops of my pink alcohol ink and my silver alloyed to my glass work surface and with my blending tool, blended the two colors together. I then added this to the inside of my flower stencils. I removed the stencils when they alcohol was dry. The added my protective spray followed by the UV protective spray.

Remember to not drink or eat out of the containers you apply the alcohol ink to. To clean the glass work surface, simply wipe it down with the Isopropyl alcohol.

There are so many different ways to add alcohol ink to a wide variety of glass containers, have fun playing around with different them and see what happens. If you do not like how something turned out you can always clean it away with Isopropyl alcohol. It is also good to use inexpensive glass containers when you are experimenting with the alcohol inks.

Let me know in the comments which techniques I used you liked the best as well as which vase you liked the best. I would also love to know other techniques you have tried and love.

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