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How To Personalize A Candle with Your Own Photo!


  1. wax candle. It can be a real or battery operated candle, but it must have a wax exterior.
  2. Tissue paper. White for transferring a printed image or a patterned tissue paper.
  3. Heat gun. A hair dryer will also work, but it will take longer. You may also need some gloves to protect your fingers from the heat.
  4. Wax paper
  5. scissors
  6. Printer. Ink jet printer will work better, but I had no issues with my laser printer
  7. A piece of computer paper
  8. tape
  9. tape measure
  10. A photo or image you would like to put on your candle.


1. measure your candle and size your image accordingly. Cut your patterned tissue paper down to size. The patterned tissue paper should fit exactly on your candle with no extra hang over.

2. Cut white tissue paper slightly larger than your computer paper.

3. Wrap your white tissue paper around your computer paper placing tape on the back side to hold tissue paper in place. Make sure there are no wrinkles.

4. Insert paper with tissue paper into your printer feed tray if it has one and watch as your image gets printed directly onto the tissue paper. This would be fun to make your own tissue paper and then wrap a gift with it.

5. Wrap the tissue paper (printed on or patterned tissue paper) snug around your candle. Make sure there are no wrinkle and it is pulled tug.

6. Wrap the wax paper directly over your tissue paper and pull it tug, no wrinkles.

7. Apply your heat and watch as the tissue paper melts into the wax. The colors will become a little more vibrant when it has melted into the candle. Check that the tissue paper has fully adhered to the candle, and recover and add more heat where needed.

I was so amazed by how well and easy this was to do. I was worried about sending it through my printer, but it did not give me any issue. I was also very impressed with how well it printed onto the tissue paper. I was also impressed with how seamless the tissue paper transferred to the candle. You can not feel where the tissue paper ends. It is part of the candle and looks like it was always part of the candle.

Do not be intimidated by this technique. It would make great gifts that will amaze. I actually think I may go out and buy new candles to make some for a wedding gift for my cousin.

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